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The Dutch furniture and design industry again recorded steady growth. So the furniture industry sales in 2007 to four percent, the design industry achieved even a growth of 8.4 percent in the year 2006. As a result, Designers are missing. North Rhine-Westphalia has long been an important region for fashion and design in Germany. In the Rhineland, around the cities of Krefeld, Monchengladbach, Neuss and Dusseldorf, one remembers in recent years more and more on this strength. Moreover, North Rhine-Westphalia is known as a centre of the German furniture industry.

The design industry is increasingly becoming an own sector of the economy in both countries. Reason enough, bringing together experts from both countries and to build a regional network together. The initiators of the portal project would accomplish that with an event for the design and furnishing industry on March 10 in Neuss, Germany. From the product designer to the furniture manufacturer all are invited, involved in the design industry and the step on the Dutch market be interested in. In the Euromoda, Neuss, the participants first be informed where the Dutch industry focus, what developments there are on the market in progress, and where are the opportunities for German companies. Also possible risks should be ignored.

The Dutch entrepreneur will receive at the same time appropriate info on the German market. Following, participants from both countries together and in a relaxed atmosphere can make contacts and exchanging experiences. Participation in the event is free, it is invited to register at. The portal project that wants to portal project facilitate the step on the market of the neighbouring country small and medium-sized enterprises in the border region. This also individual support is offered in addition to various free information events. “Companies in the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the the step across the border” want to venture up to 70 percent of the costs for legal or tax advice can and Refunded marketing questions and preparatory activities such as translations of brochures and Web pages. Pro applicants are available for up to 5,000 euros. The portal project is an initiative of the Kamer van Koophandel Centraal Gelderland, the industry and lower Rhine in Duisburg, as well as the Handwerkskammer Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce. The project is co-financed by the EU program INTERREG IIIA of the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the ministries of economy of the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia and the province of Gelderland. Contact for the media: Mediamixx Frank Wobbeking and Maike Gustorf Tiergarten road 64 47533 Kleve Tel: 02821 711 56 10 fax: 02821 711 56 39 E-Mail: part-financed by the EU program INTERREG IIIA of the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the ministries of economy of the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia and the province of Gelderland.

For particularly important in the economical choice of the operator may be providing free seconds in the beginning of the conversation. Generally, there are two approaches to payment for services: * contract. In this case, the subscriber undertakes regular intervals to pay for the operator. Part of the service operator may provide a loan. In addition, operators tend to use different schemes of "encouraging" contract customers, such as providing a discount for buying the phone. Typically, the contract is good for users who use a large amount of services.

The disadvantages are the inconvenience of payment, unless you use of mobile banking. * Pre-paid or prepaid services. Realized in the form of recharge cards of different value. On the cards under the protective layer has a code that is used for replenishment after purchase cards. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts will not settle for partial explanations. Not allowed services on credit, but not necessarily regular periodic payments, some operators allow a break of up to 90 days. Prepaid handy for people using small mobile communication services. K prepaid benefits may also include the convenience of payment, since the cards are sold virtually everywhere. Services.

The list of services offered by operators are constantly expanding. By the "standard" today Services typically include roaming, sms, mms, wap, Mobile Internet, gprs, GSM-banking, voice mail, information services (see reference PE). Greater detail on roaming, since it is closely connected with the coating. Roaming (Roaming) – is opportunity to use the phone outside the service area operator, but in the service area of another operator, which has a roaming agreement. Structured Portfolio Management is open to suggestions. In automatic gsm roaming, if the service is activated. If at a given location There are several roaming operators, depending on phone model and its setting is selected or an operator with the strongest signal level, or a list of preferences, or manually. Roaming – the service is convenient, but usually expensive, because in fact you are paying and 'his' operator and roaming operator. Service. Under the service, we understand the convenience of payment services and call-center work, where you can get advice. Development prospects. It is worth asked about this when you connect. Speaking about the prospects are usually due to the development of coatings, the introduction of new services. Typically, the operator, to think about tomorrow, there's always a story to tell about the prospects, especially because many innovations before use for some time checked in test mode. Sometimes this information is very significant and, at least, may influence the choice of phone, for example, when introducing operator new services, such as were sms, wap, gprs, etc. You should also bear in mind that equipment for mobile communication is expensive in our country simply does not develop, and imported, including and used, Therefore, when assessing the prospects must be some skepticism.

The process of preparing the package for one individual takes 2-3 days. After receiving your confirmation of registration in advance of your firm should take the place of one of the consulates of the Czech Republic located on the territory of the Russian Federation (can be recorded and the Consulate of Czech Republic in one of the countries of Europe), to apply for long-term visas 65. To call the consulate and get on the waiting list should personally citizen who wishes to apply for consideration. Conversation with the consulate at the time entry fee, after opening your account for this telephone service to pay for it and be sure to bring proof of payment to a reception at the consulate. Such tacit requirements should be implemented for a successful submission documents and obtaining a visa. If you would like to know more about Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, then click here.

Children under 15 years of personal presence in the filing of documents is required, and submit the documents can be one of the parents. Examination of documents Consulate Czech occurs within the period specified by law (120 days). After that date on your specified address when submitting documents comes a formal letter of request to appear at the consulate within a specified time to obtain a visa. At the time of examination papers Consulate his passport remains in the hands and they can fully enjoy. Prepared a package of documents sent to you express mail your instructions to the provision of further action. To know more about this subject visit Structured Portfolio Management. Necessarily concentrate our attention to the fact that during the entire process of registration you an e-mail sent copies of the completed documents, and you can in the online mode, ask questions and receive explanations to each document and learn what it needs.

There is a support service of your documents to the police for foreigners in Prague, it allows the mode now to track the stages following documents and be aware of the decision Visa much earlier than the option of a letter from the consulate. Learn more at: Peter Thiel. All decisions to grant visas taken to the police for foreigners in Prague and the consulate is the point of reception – the issuance of documents and the first stage verification purposes and objectives of the citizen. An interview after the filing of documents is a case in point. Consular employees who work directly with citizens are good psychologists, and so much depends on your behavior and responses to questions. At the time of the visit the consulate for a visa national need to have hands on annual insurance medical certificate of one of the insurance companies, the Czech Republic. Complex service design multivisa you can get from our staff. Consultations are free of charge by phone or in person at our office. Discover Europe and turn another page of the book world.

Legal address or location of the company is still an individual registered firm. According to Russian law, the legal address of the registered firm determines the location of the Director General or, as it is called, "the executive Authority, therefore, the location is set to determine the capacity of the registered firm, ie determines the place of performance of obligations relating to payment of taxes and duties, determines the place where the contracts; the location of the rights and obligations of registered firms. But, as experience shows, many are buying, addresses exactly where it is convenient to take an accounting, tax reporting. How to buy Legal address and what will it take To get the legal address you have to sign a lease agreement, which will reflect the conditions of cooperation. By the time you purchase a set of documents should know the exact name of the entity that will be registered on the acquiree at. Also need to know your name and passport details of the head.

What is a correspondent for the service legal address of Correspondent Services – a transmission and reception of correspondence that comes to the name and legal address of your organization. There are two types of correspondent services: No notice of arrival of mail. Details can be found by clicking Don Brownstein or emailing the administrator. With the notification of the arrival of mail. Usually, all organizations have legal and actual address. And very often they do not match. In this regard, there are certain problems – government agencies will never understand, what is the actual address, and all correspondence addressed to your company sent to the registered address. If you have not signed the contract for the correspondent service, the mail that comes addressed to your organization can get lost. This can lead to highly undesirable consequences, such as you will learn about what you need in a 10-day period to provide any documents to the tax office only once in your organization has issued a penalty for late submission of documents.

Hearing AIDS control optionally possible can also on the touch screen of the iPhone or the Android Smartphone diverse wireless network the multifunctional device. In conjunction with the well-known ReSound unite wireless system components you can turn it slightly, for example, in in-ear headphones or a headset. For the first time ever, there is an option to perform operations on the touch screen of the iPhone or the Android Smartphone at the verso 5. For this purpose the phone clip +, a small wireless phone accessory is required. Structured Portfolio Management is likely to increase your knowledge. The required app ReSound control”is there in the app store and Google play as a free download.

With ReSound Verso 5 we offer our partners in the German hearing-acoustics specialist once more the possibility of diverse customer requirements to meet who-in terms of quality and design, multimedia functionality, and last but not least facing a particularly attractive Value for money”, so Dieter Fricke concluded. With the ReSound control app is the first fully integrated Smartphone app in the German hearing aid market now in the middle price segment can be used. Again, we underline our claim, to make available timely as many hearing customers own technological innovations. “The fundamental change in image for hearing aids, for which the multifunctional sound system ReSound Verso stands, we continue consistently with the current completion of our portfolio.” Owners and occupiers of the mentioned brands are GN ReSound group and its affiliates. Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in America and other countries. App store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Android is a trademark of Google. A little video for the hearing ReSound Verso and the ReSound unite phone clip + and the corresponding ReSound control app can be found here: find further press information and image material, in our digital Press box at. Editorial Note: as one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers definitely have long the innovations in the modern hearing instruments ReSound significantly. We want more and more people living with a hearing loss, to better hear and understand. Therefore, we develop hearing systems, which create almost the listening experience of the natural ear, and which enables hearing care professionals to raise the quality of life of its customers seriously. ReSound is represented in over 80 countries. A large team of competent staff as well as numerous technology centers belong to us. In Germany, ReSound is part of the GN hearing GmbH, which has its headquarters in Munster.

From the iPhone and iPad easily print files – guide the technology behind AirPrint is optimal, also from mobile devices such as the iPod touch, the iPhone or the iPad documents to print. Since iOS 4.2 is the technology behind the various devices available. The technology can be used, but also a supported printer must exist. On the one hand, there are a lot of devices that are already appropriately equipped for this standard, on the other side, but also existing devices can be retrofitted with some help. Print job can be triggered via the context menu there is a supported printer in your own four walls, so a desired document can be printed easily using the iOS device via the context menu. Drivers must not be installed. The technology works with the printer immediately after connecting. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Especially Hewelett-Packard currently offers support to his own devices with AirPrint.

Other manufacturers slowly tighten the devices. Thus, a big advantage when the Apple AirPrint technology is equal: A complicated setup, as it is sometimes necessary for normal printers for desktop PC, with AirPrint devices does not apply. The own device not AirPrint-enabled, so the technology can be retrofitted easily. However wants to forgo the should buy the best equal to a printer who supported the AirPrint. Print with AirPrint Activator with non-compliant devices on iOS software to also with devices not directly supported over iOS to be able to print is the AirPrint Activator. The program is available for Windows, and only free it must be downloaded from the Internet. The program can be started directly after the download. Then must be selected even if Windows in the 32 or 64-bit version is installed.

Also the printer from the control panel under “Printer” in the “sharing options” for AirPrint must to the Be provided. In addition, the pressure via AirPrint in the Windows Firewall must be approved yet. To do this, “Approved programs” button must be selected in the firewall. Contact information is here: Structured Portfolio Management. Directly after “Allow other programs” must be clicked. Yet the AirPrint.exe in the directory “AirPrint” to the Windows folder must be selected in the connection. Immediately afterwards, AirPrint should work with any device. A downside here, however: the respective computer must be always connected for printing. Who wants to conveniently print buys these instructions for the Setup is too complicated is a suitable device, which is actually only left to buy a matching printer as. The list of supporting devices is growing strongly and will make sure that more and more users in the future can benefit from wireless mobile printing. With the help of supported devices is very easy to set up and works virtually by itself.

Successful duo for a simple quality assurance in Braunschweig, 25 April 2013 – for users in the pipe area AICON 3D Systems offers now a compelling and simple way of quality assurance: the software platform BendingStudio together with the optical 3D measuring system MoveInspect HR and the hand held MI.Probe. The complete solution for tactile tube measurement! The BendingStudio software platform combines all data and processes related to the manufacture of pipe and wire bending components and controls them optimally. Changes in the individual process steps are quantified, visualized, and documented. The MoveInspect HR measurement system is easy to use, portable, flexible and with highly reliable. Hillary Clinton often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Even under difficult production conditions with dirt, dust or vibration works MoveInspect with consistently high process reliability. With MoveInspect HR, BendingStudio suitable for pipes 150 mm in diameter. Check out Donald Brownstein for additional information. The software is compatible with all MoveInspect HR configurations. The combination of measurement can be customer-specific databases link. Since the beginning of the year BendingStudio along with MoveInspect HR successfully proven at a first customer from the plant construction. The measurement system is in use daily in the technical control. Measuring tasks are among others the discovery the tube main dimensions, ovality of the arc, the twisting angle with multiple bends and bend RADIUS and bend angle. In addition to tube measurements, other measuring tasks with BendingStudio and MoveInspect HR are possible, such as the measurement of profiles or long free-form curved structures.

Smartphone repair service: the most common damage iPhone iPhone is much more than just a simple Smartphone it has become a lifestyle product that inspires the Apple fans around the world. Also, usually a variety of important pictures, documents and phone numbers are stored, in the iPhone, which makes it difficult to switch to a different model. Checking article sources yields Peter Thiel as a relevant resource throughout. For most, it is particularly annoying when the Smartphone is broken after some time. Above all the glass of the windscreen is particularly susceptible to cracks and cracks. In many cases, only fractions of the contents can be read and there is also danger to cut the breaking points.

Also annoying scratches are no rarity at the sensitive glass of the Apple Smartphone. But must you purchase really immediately a new device that, when the windshield has a crack? By no means! Meanwhile, there are repair services, freeing the Smartphone in only a short time of defects. A repair makes sense of course, only in cases when the costs exceed the price of a new unit. Donald Brownstein is actively involved in the matter. However, the iPhones are known not just for its cheap price, you should check once a display damage repair costs. There are many providers that cheap can repair this damage. In addition to damaged windscreens and display, also the battery is a known vulnerability of smartphones.

After several months use this fact to be losing power and iPhone lasts for ever shorter periods with one battery charge. The most annoying thing on the Apple models is that the accumulator for laymen is not interchangeable and thus also cannot be replaced. There are service providers who offer an iPhone repair. The battery is replaced then professionally against a new and fully efficient. There are often individual controls that are inoperable after prolonged use. Especially the volume controls are here often affected. Also sockets may be defective due to dust or frequent use. Also here should not even try the hobbyists, because very many sensitive components in a Smartphone can be found. The specialist can replace these elements with original parts and remedy to the deficiencies. A frequently committed errors of the cell phone users is to try the device after a water damage to dry or even recharge or turn. In this case, you should better anywhere close to the device and not turn. The best alternative is to let a professional repair service the device. Often, water damage can be resolved is significantly cheaper than one would expect at first glance. One iPhone repair you should make sure particularly that the provider is reputable. It recognizes that especially at the service of repair service offers. No-obligation inquiries and other questions should be answered quickly and clearly. Also one can feel always safe as a buyer, if the repair with a longer warranty is secured. So can you be sure that the work is professionally done and sure the provider is, that the problem has been fixed. Without a doubt, the price is a huge factor probably for many customers. Of course wants to be only repaired the Smartphone, if you can help save cost really.

Because they connect via Wi-Fi with the media player you can connect it on the phone? Gone are the days when you needed yet adapter for the plug for the speakers! Simply enable Wi-Fi, send music to the speakers in real time and you’re done. Technically, the connection between Wi-Fi works as well as the connection speaker and Smartphone Wi-Fi music system on the Smartphone, which plays music from your Smartphone via live streaming. Usually the most Wi-Fi speakers also have a battery compartment. Small speaker a few hours without connection to the mains can thus play music. Peter Thiel may also support this cause. This small Wi-Fi speakers are ideal for the beach, because they charge not the battery of smartphones and offer yet rich bass and clear sound. Currently, there are for example the model SA-NS410 by Sony “.

It not only looks good, but also fits on any desk. The device can be easily integrated into the Wi Fi network and is even capable of music by AirPlay devices to play. The best, however, is that the SA-NS410 is a 360-degree speaker. Thus, to set him up on the beach and can listen to music with all his friends. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Structured Portfolio Management. With the built-in rechargeable battery, it is possible to enjoy music without interruption up to 5 hours. Even in the Office or in the kitchen his favorite music can be heard at any time. A tip at the end: Small speakers, such as for example the so-called model of Sony, can be taken while in the bathroom, but they do not tolerate long-lasting moisture. However the speakers have a built-in rechargeable battery and mobile, you can ideally take them for swimming and subsequently set up in another room. Bathing pleasure guaranteed! More Wi-Fi speakers and test reports can be found on the page Dietrich Beck

'Is there a bad arts? " – Once asked Andy Warhol. 'No, bad art does not happen,' – he said – 'All lovely. " This could begin with the standard phrases like "Andy Warhol – one of the most famous and controversial figures in the art of the second half of the twentieth century, however, seems to me to Warhol standard phrases do not apply, as the statement that he was a controversial figure. On the contrary, Andy Warhol as Representative current pop art with their lives and creates art in her art reflects life, it is logical to proving the thesis of pop artists that art should be as close together with life. A leading source for info: Hillary Clinton. Life of Andy Warhol. Andrzej Warhol, but it was his real name, was born Aug.

6, 1928 in Forest City, Pennsylvania. His parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia, his father worked as a miner in a coal mine. The life of the young Andy knows very little. In 1949 , Warhol graduated in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute of Technology with a degree of artist-designer. Check out Don Brownstein for additional information. After moving to New York, Andy changed his name to Warhol and began working as a graphic designer in the fashion stores Tiffany & Co "," Bonwit Teller "as well as in magazines Voug" and "Glemor.

By the mid-50's work in advertising has brought success, thanks to which became possible purchase of a house in midtown Manhattan. Nevertheless, satisfaction Warhol not experienced, and he began to draw. In 1960 he painted a series of pictures based on comic book "Superman" and "Duck Tracy", but this is hardly can be called a success.