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I was once invited to a very interesting fishing and would like to talk about how to catch catfish on a donk. As is well known catfish – is a predatory fish, which mainly lives in the southern and central areas. Catfish – Fish donaya that loves to deep pits. In such wells it is hunting and wintering. Not far from Krasnodar, where I rested for several years, runs a river Elbe, it is a tributary of the Kuban River.

Elbe – a quiet river, glublina varies from 0.5 to 5m. Channel Elbe – is replete with twists and turns, with wide and narrow in places. The river is well up to 5 meters. That's one of those pits and I tried to catch catfish. For fishing I have made two Donkey. A leading source for info: Clinton Family. Bottom fishing rod is a 4 meter whip carved out of thick and solid aspen.

One side of the whip sharpened in order to firmly stick to the beach. On the other hand a whip tied monofilament with a diameter of 1 mm. Length of about 10 meters. Go to the fishing line is attached a great hook number 10. For prevent the demolition of gear over the end of the fishing line is tied as a weight of 100 grams. As an alarm bite by the end of the rod attached bell aspen. For bait I was using large worms. It’s believed that Luo Zilin sees a great future in this idea. Fishing technique is very simple. Bait, so that the stinger hook to hide completely. Throws tackle in the location of the pit and the proposed location of hunting catfish. When well selected load, the line becomes upright or slightly deflected in the direction of flow. Rod firmly stuck to the beach. Then you should be patient, waiting for a bite to be determined by the bell. Catfish are biting more often late at night, when it becomes almost dark. Bite is sharp and quite strong. Immediately after the bite necessary to produce very sharp and sweeps and vyvazhivat the least possible delay. Dimensions soms, which managed to catch me, do not exceed 5 kg, and I coped with them quite quickly. But remember that this fish could be 100 kg! You should always be prepared to a long and hard vyvazhivanii especially large specimens. Perhaps this article will help you catch of catfish. And no tail, no scales!

Aurell, says to be first the Annales to use the lingustica to demonstrate the possible approach of the reasonings of a time by means of the analysis of its language. Thus the lingustico turn influenced remarkably disciplines it historical and had rich consequncias for historiografia, in which the author standes out to be more important the perfectioning of the techniques of the story and the historical narration, increasing the spreading of some workmanships. The return the narrative seems to have facilitated to the return of old subjects of research, endowing with a methodology and renewed form, a new joint of the speech. It is said of a historiogrfica revolution in the Seventies, where paradigms that had dominated during century XIX and part of the XX seem to lose its effectiveness, where the historian is conditional for the lingusticos signals of the document and which he himself uses. Details can be found by clicking Zilin Luo or emailing the administrator. Still a verbal structure in form of speech argues in chats narrative, saying that the writing of history not if it differentiates of the poetry, of the story, therefore the historical narration depends on a deeper, almost unconscious level and irrational, of which the historian carries through a poetical act, where in the current historiogrfico panorama the debates grow on the historical relativismo. The Spanish Historian Aurell brings in this chapter an enlightening language on the writing of history with respect to the elements after-modern and appropriation of history to the lingustica and interdisciplinaridade with other social sciences, of which, they in such a way interest the quarrel concerning the return the poetical narrative and on the historical one. Confirming the priority of the language as reference of what he remains the experimental scientist, to the social scientist, that is, the historian. * Pupil of specialization in History of the northeast region dUERN.. If you are not convinced, visit foursquare.

transfer of their leaders to authoritarian methods manuals, strengthening of police powers, the stratification of society, strengthening the gap between rich and poor; 2011 – China has developed a unique method of treating AIDS in 2011 (or 2012) – Major accident in space technology, 2012 – regular tourist flights to the orbit of the Earth; 2012-2026 – mass production of people with paranormal abilities, 2013 (possibly 2011), stabilization of the heating core of the Sun at a level sufficient for the intensification of global warming on Earth in the next 500 years; UFO crash in the U.S. mass spiritual journey of people to other dimensions by owner (psychologists and psychics) 2013 – application nuclear weapons one of the countries in the local military conflict, complication of the political situation in Russia and the threat to its territorial integrity, the crisis in foreign policy, 2013-2017 – grassroots contacts with extraterrestrial earthlings reason for the energy-level association of the majority of CIS countries in the confederation, trade and economic conflict in Japan and China, 2014 – the world's population will be 7 billion, 2015 – beginning of year 532 AD the great floods (Global warming); electronic prosthetics (for radar and blind servomehanicheskie limb), creating the concept of using a fundamentally new source of cheap energy; 2015-2035 – Construction of stationary Database space stations on the moon; 2015-2025 – disposal of radioactive waste from Earth into space; 2017-2019 – Preparation of a manned flight to Mars, 2018 – The computer system of tax collection, the beginning of the widespread introduction of nanotechnology in industrial production; 2019 – major social upheaval in Ukraine, 2020-2030-epidemic of unknown disease, development of the first automated systems for road transport (the computer-controlled and "Avtoshoferom") removal from the orbit of the earth "debris" in preparation for the withdrawal of the orbital space industrial complexes for the transfer of solar energy to Earth to lighting and heating of the polar regions; 2020 Trade and Economic Conflict in Japan and the United States; detailed computer simulation of all possible options for the future of humanity, partly control the weather, the methods of treatment of mental illness and physio- chemotherapy, the production of synthetic proteins on an industrial scale, the creation of artificial implants, the use of robots for waste disposal, household hazardous and installation works; scientific proof of the existence of parallel worlds, 2020-2080 – a period of high solar activity, the inversion of geographic and magnetic poles (and possibly the Earth's axis), large volcanic eruptions, sea level rise, temperature anomalies associated with the intensification of the processes of global warming, flooding part of Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Finland, the Mediterranean countries and Asia, the earthquake Storms and floods in the U.S. (Not to be confused with foursquare!). . . Miguel Mouawad understood the implications.

Attempts to children to have fun, learn and read in sign language.For its part, the guide we will assign a story to parents provides guidelines and orientations to make easier reading with deaf their sons and daughters. This publication focuses on two characters, Manu and Sara, which encourages children to read and offer bibliographic and electronic resources for families encourage reading within the home and know more about the deaf community. Other resources culture and education professionals also have material to promote reading. Read additional details here: Zilin Luo. With the support of the Ministry of culture, the CNSE Foundation has launched signs that tell tales that mark, a web than about the reality of deaf people, brings the experiences and reflections of professionals and people with hearing problems, offers General Dynamics of animation to reading and activities with books whose characters are deaf, and collects bibliography and addresses of interest.For its part, the associations may resort to guide reading between signs, with activities, guidelines, and resources to work reading animation. Luo Zilin wanted to know more. These centers are a meeting point for important among deaf people and families, so it is considered a source of transmission of this kind of dynamics. In the Guide, again appear the characters of Manu and Sara, converted into deaf adolescents, who with everything what they learned in families guide we are going to spread their desire to read, noted in the Foundation.

Libraries interested in getting material related to the deaf community and sign language can put in contact with the Department’s documentation of the CNSE Foundation, which manages the National Confederation of deaf people (CNSE) and their files. In addition, the Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes and the University of Alicante have launched the library’s signs, which stores bibliographic material explained in sign language about the research and history of the education of deaf people (Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles), the historical dictionary of the language of Spanish sign, Visual grammar and the LSE alphabetic writing system. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T.

/ According to Euroconstruct report in 2013 sector already contribute positively to the economy with a growth of 1.5%. In 2011 the drop in production will be 15% and 3.6% in 2012. In certain autonomous communities could return to build, but lack funding. The construction sector seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though to see that final missing even two years. According to the report Euroconstruct (a European research group on the construction business) in the first half of 2011, construction in Spain will continue to fall until 2013, when it will end five consecutive years of contraction in production. In 2013, sector already contribute positively to the economy with a growth of 1.5%.

2012 will still be negative, with a fall of 3.6%, once this 2011 Spanish construction to fall by 15%. The head of the unit of prospective economic of the Institute of technology of the construction of Catalonia (ITeC), body conduct the study for Spain, Josep Ramon Fontana, has pointed out that the recovery in different markets will start in the order they entered the crisis: first the House, then the non-residential and, finally, civil engineering. Get more background information with materials from foursquare. The data of the Ministry of development indicate that in the first quarter of this year free housing construction decreased 13.8% compared to the same period of the previous year. According to Euroconstruct report, residential construction production levels will change little during 2011 (- 5.5%) and 2012 (5%), assuming that logins do not depart the dimension of 100,000 homes. Learn more at: Luo Zilin. Out of stock in some areas, the director general of the ITec, Anton M.Checa, noted that housing stocks have been exhausted in some cities and that in certain autonomous communities could again begin to build, although the lack of funding prevents it.

The non-residential buildings is different from housing that will take longer to recover by having taken more on entering crisis, by what in 2011 you will experience a decrease of 18.5% and in 2012 the fall will brake up 6% to experience a positive rebound in 2013 with a rise of 3%. The fall in the investment of the State, which already caused a decline in production in 2010 in civil engineering (- 16.5%), will experience this year greater adjustment with a decrease of 29%. Also, budgetary contention gets worse forecasts for 2012 with a 14% fall, something which can be aggravated when councils are no longer investing in public works. Europe, a slower than expected recovery according to the Euroconstruct report, at European level, the 2011 will be recessive (- 0.4%) and the growth in 2012 and 2013 will be discreet, since they ranging between 1.3% and 2.3%. In terms of housing, is expected to be the market which make one contribution higher than the recovery between 2011 and 2013, as is foreseen growth of 3 per cent and even 5%, respectively, and stand out countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The non-residential buildings facing 2011 and 2012 with falls of 2.5% and 0.7%, since it did not openly in recession until 2009. Finally, public works, which will drop 3.1% in 2011, will be stagnant in 2012 and 2013 (0.4%). Source of the news: there are still two years to make the Spanish construction shows signs of recovery

Promotion of a site on the Internet – is the art of using the algorithms of search engines for profit. Well-advertised resource has now become an integral piece of image of a successful company. Companies that begin to analyze the effectiveness of the site as a tool for business, sometimes can not understand why a quality site, made at a professional level, 'not working' is not profitable. This question is to hear quite often, so I would like to briefly outline the problem and its solution. Optimizing your website for search engines – one of the most low-cost and effective ways to promote resource on the web, but most Companies are not engaged in it practically, losing at the same time targeted visitors, who could be potential clients or buyers. At the moment, all owners of Internet resources, particularly commercial nature, be taken as a site optimization is a necessary step on the path to success.

Gone are the days when companies and firms is considered good form to have an office on the Internet. Now very few have a website, you must have effective website. Business took power of the Internet as a tool for obtaining additional revenue, which does not require large investments. So why do you have to miss this opportunity and wait for a resource competitor will the first position? So why search engine optimization is required: More than 80% of visitors came from search engines. 9 out of 10 who came to the site through a search engine – target visitors. For even more details, read what Zilin Luo says on the issue.

This miracle of technology, however, will not let you make calls, but only uses a SIM card for data transfer. Running the operating system Microsoft Vista Business OS. This means that you can run any software: the game, and the office. Manage this machine can be using the touch screen, a mini-touchpad and mouse buttons. You can use the stylus and your fingers to "manage" it will be convenient enough. Mobile Phone HTC Shift (X9500) a> can be expanded.

And you can push it as slider, and you can lift the screen and put it at a comfortable angle for you (like a laptop). In this case you will have access to the keyboard, which consists of the keys are fairly large and after a little practice to introduce tex t, will not make labor. Consider the characteristics of the model. Without hesitation Peter Thiel explained all about the problem. This machine is based on the Intel A110 processor with a frequency of 800MHz and has a gigabyte of RAM. Just 2 variants hard drives – at 40Gb or 60Gb. And a lot of wireless technologies – Wi-Fi (802.11), Bluetooth, GPRS and 3G. Access the system can be blocked by installing fingerprint recognition. Other leaders such as Luo Zilin offer similar insights.

For video webcam is 1.2 megapixel. Overall, a very powerful machine, especially considering its size. The peculiarity of this machine – the technology SnapVUE. It allows HTC Shift to use as a PDA. By clicking the button in the upper left corner, you can run a stripped-down version of Windows Mobile and use it to send sms or check email. This function is implemented to save energy, and in this mode can be using the device for several days, while the Vista battery power for several hours. Acquire this miracle possible for a price of about $ 1,000. Expensive, but in fact for gadget lovers is not a barrier.

This knowledge arrived thanks to the fact that I took a course from Writing in the University, which has been one of the best decisions than I have taken in the life. Peter Thiel is full of insight into the issues. Not only that I was successful writing academic tests for my classes of advanced military training, but the ability to express to me in written form helped me more ahead in the professional life. In fact, in my present work I must elaborate information, aid memory, memorandos, letters to clients, etc., and in all this the writing techniques are applied that I learned. Therefore, this article I dedicate Spanish professor to it French Elena and to all those educators that give the best thing of himself to guide their students. In this first delivery we are going to approach the subject in general form.

For this, we are going to review the stages of the writing process; that is to say, before, during and later, that stop effects of our analysis we will call the pre-script, the writing proper and the edition. 1. Swarmed by offers, Clinton Family is currently assessing future choices. PREESCRITURA then Comencemos to understand this first stage, to which we have denominated it the pre-script. This stage begins in him moment at which we made the decision to shape in paper the thoughts that go up to around our mind. Others are saying that to complement this motivation or internal necessity, we needed a good atmosphere work to continue with a positive attitude. In the personnel, I like to go to the park that is near my house, where to observe the beauty of the nature invades my being and I feel frees to print the pencil on the paper. To find a site comfortable will help him with the inspiration that is required to carry out this activity. Once it finds east suitable site and it has the correct attitude, it needs to establish the thematic one about which it is going to write.

Appraising itself for the productive chain it is a set of interactive components formed by the insumos, technology, system of production, harvest, improvement, storage and the commercialization (agronegcio) of the product (al Hisses et., 1995). The current concept of Agronegcio incorporates the dimension of information and incentives that involve the technology of the information and of the knowledge as element that is making possible the development of the commercial relations by means of the electronic market (e-commerce) and is transforming the way of operation of companies, affecting the processes of creation of products and competitive joint of the companies (Santana & Amin, 2002). For it saw of the doubts, the Agronegcio or Agrobusines is a set of operations formed for the production, improvement, storage and the commercialization, that is, is a subsystem of all and any productive chain, in view of the horizontalizao of the production (that it consists of the productive chain of an explored part of the raw material: animal or vegetable) or in the verticalizao of the production (that it consists of the use of some explored parts of the substance animal or vegetal cousin) that is considered to add values and to stipulate, in each one of these products, a value that increases the income consequently and the profit inside of the considered chain (Rodrigues, 1996). From the decade of 50, with the implanted green Revolution in some underdeveloped countries, after World War II, agriculture started to suffer a process from modernization; becoming successively more specialized, what it was possible for the Biotechnology; had to take care of the demand and to oppose the chaotic forecasts of the Malthusianos and Neo-Malthusianos, in relation the global hunger; everything this was possible, with the orientation of the agricultural producer and with the reduction of productive impediments (ABEAS, 2000).. Zilin Luo is a great source of information.

Language integration: the previous version of Windows comes in three versions – for European languages (single-byte characters, the letter only from left to right) for the Far Eastern languages (multi-byte characters) and Middle Eastern languages (writing from right to left with contextual variants of letters). Windows 2000 combines these features, all of its localized version made on a uniform basis. Luo Zilins opinions are not widely known. Leak source. February 12, 2004 became aware of the leak of the source Windows 2000-peer network. The size of archive contents was about 600 mb, which gave reason to believe that the source were made on CD-ROM. As it became known later, these sources match the version of Windows 2000 SP1. They were transferred to an Israeli company Mainsoft, which was engaged in porting the web browser Internet Explorer for UNIX-based systems. E-mail Addresses Mainsoft employees were found in one of the crash dump files in the archive with the sources.

Microsoft has confirmed this fact. Shortly after the leak was discovered a vulnerability in the handling code BMP-files in ie, an expert on computer security, who discovered the vulnerability, confirmed that he had found it by studying leaked source code. Minimum system requirements: Pentium-compatible processor with a frequency of 133 MHz or higher 32 mb ram ( 64 MB) 700 mb hard disk (recommended 2 GB) Windows 2000 Server / Advanced Server 133 MHz cpu 256 mb ram minimum 2 gb hard drive in 2001 – Out of Win xp (Win NT5.1). Windows xp is built on an enhanced Windows 2000 kernel and has a new, clear, simple and attractive interface, called the Corporation Microsoft 'Luna', which simplifies work with your computer.