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New service for publishers. Because pay content only vereinzelnd-kostenpflichtige journalistic content is possible, find publishers for ways to monetize their high quality content or to refinance their creation”, Thomas explains the background for the new service offering by hearing the owner of TVHmedia. Connect with other leaders such as LBS Market here. Since our Sellectoren are 100% on the article, they have a high added value for the reader. We deliver finished Sellectoren on demand. The Editor tells us briefly via eMail audience, topic, keywords and for the end – with the URL of the Web page. We provide a short code that is published to the article via eMail. Here, Michelle Smith Source Financial expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Ready.” Soon, Valentine’s day is the day of giving. Experience gifts vouchers are becoming increasingly popular. On experience gift users by 48 different Sellectoren can find quickly and easily the right gift among more than 10,000 offers. Depending on the subject of adrenaline factor can by price, type of event, recovery factor, etc. be selected. Attractive, any offer in the Sellector is represented by an image. The prospective customer to the online shop of the provider enters via the deeplink into the picture.

All deep links are tracked through an independent service provider (at the link tracking is held by who the customer was given) and billed. The redeemed commissions are shared. Currently available as a free version Sellectoren on the following topics to choose from: Adventures with animals, excavators, boat tours, climbing & ropes, outdoor action, paintball & Funsport, stunt & action heroes, driving, all driving experiences, sports & racing car, motorcycle & trike, off road & rally, tank & truck, quads & fun vehicles, driving & security training, trend cars & classic cars, ballooning, free fall & myself flying, jets & space, go round & taster flights, floating & gliding, Simulator & models, bakery & pastry, beer & liquor store, experience dinner, food, Cooking classes, wine & coffee, creative & craftsmanship, painting & art, theatre & music, tours & guided tours,. Nights & short trip, fantasy adventures, action & Adventure trip, photo shoots, creative & failed, love & romance, imaginative short trips, sports Elebnisse, golf, tennis & cycling, rafting & canyoning, sailing & surfing, diving, water & fun sports, winter sports, wellness, wellness experiences, beauty & lifestyle, coaching, courses, workshop, massages & floating, pampering programs, wellness packages see. These can be customized in the publishing of Web page design. The commissions are split 60/40 in favor of the Publisher. According to the editorial, we create individual Sellectoren against a setup fee of EUR 99. 90/10 in favour of the publishing house is then split the commissions. Do you have articles? -TVHmedia creates a thematic Sellector the turn to online suitable to the topic. More information: verlagsservice contact: TVHmedia owner: Thomas playing balance 1 57539 Furthen tax.: 02/071/5046/5 phone: + 49 (0) 2682 968348 E-Mail: TVHmedia on Internet services for publishers and car hire specialises in

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Is TECOPS still on success and growth?tecops staff GmbH, recruitment agency specialising in IT – and commercial staff, has a further Managing Director: the renowned service desk expert, Walter Hundl, takes office as of January 2010 in addition to Reiner Pientka, Ludwig Hank and Hermann Stehlik. With the appointment of Walter Hundl in the leadership, the company continues to grow.?Walter Hundl has acquired a high level of expertise and experience in particular in the fields of IT-service & support, IT strategy and architecture, as well as the development of software solutions and quality management during his career on various stations. The studied industrial engineering was before his time in TECOPS as “Manager service desk Germany” worked at Siemens IT solution & services. For even more opinions, read materials from Homeboy Industries. He is a candidate for the Chairman of the Management Board, Reiner Pientka,: “Walter Hundl was about 4 years head of the service desk in Germany and was responsible for with over” 1,150 internal and external employees of one of the largest production centre for IT services in the global network of Siemens and combines very good management skills with extensive expertise and excellent communication skills. “?”TECOPS – conducting business has brought recently with Hermann Stehlik, the former Vice President of the software company Infor, reinforcement in the company and is still very good prospects for the development of TECOPS. Michelle Smith Source Financial shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Even in the crisis year of 2009, the company experienced a growth of around 20%: “tecops its position as one of the largest staffing companies in the commercial and IT will continue to expand.

The need is growing in Germany, best care, we have prepared. “, as Reiner Pientka, Chief Executive Officer of the tecops staff GmbH.?”In addition to the classical time working in the IT and business environment the company as one of the first German recruitment agency offers also the placement of freelance IT specialists. Especially the IT specialists in the high skill area, these services from a single source offer the opportunity to expand their skills and to be occupied as a freelancer or in temporary work at TECOPS. ??For companies, which is GmbH tecops staff an all-in one provider for accurate and fast cast at all flexible staff requests in the commercial and IT sector. S. Fortmann, tecops GmbH

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Online shop operator can maintain their articles through new service of the mail to print GmbH in their online shop, or who offers a large number of products in its online shop white, how time consuming the MFC is the article can be optimized. The professional and timely update”improves not only sales, but prevent also an unnecessarily long, costly warehousing of the goods. “Optimal product descriptions and professional photos (as 3D – for TOP items is a video recording) are also a must-have” for successful sales. And finally all product-related information and images compiled, it goes on the definition of the terms regarding an optimal search engine optimization which requires a lot of know-how from the provider. For even more details, read what Kaiser Family Foundation says on the issue. “” In short: the problems and needs of operators of online shops are known and the mail to print GmbH has its online shop-product-service “, short OPS” called, specialized, the online providers to the vexing product care facilitate them to concentrate purely on the purchasing, selling & shipping.

A professionally trained team is available. The objectives of the new shop service are: – efficient product management, professional product presentation – higher click-through rates (search engine optimization), – increase in sales. “So the shop owner under subsequent services can choose: OPS” assumes: – online research to the article / product information, online searches for the product picture. OPS”created: – text to the article image – photo (s) of the article – 2D/3D views of the photos, – videos, – text to the product / item description. OPS”created to search engine optimization: – script of the meta-title information, script of the meta descriptions – script of the meta keywords, script search terms, – script URL. “Further information under: ops.php company information mail was to print mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH in June 2007 as a Start-Up Company” based in Ratingen. Not as Classic letter part of shipping companies, but as a provider of a neutral, independent platform for DV-based mail value added services with an innovative character mail to print in the liberalized mail market in Germany has occupied a strong position. The offer includes services provided in its own activities as well as through involvement of partner companies.

The core is about the DV-based creation of letters. The customer data to mail to print access via data line. You will be processed and routed to printers. There the physical shipments are created, enveloped, franked and finally sorted passed one or more Briefzustelldienstleister. With an average 10 million coordinated letters per month, mail to print counts today nationwide as one of the leading providers in this segment.


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Netviewer as official sponsor of innovative exhibition and Congress taking Berlin / Karlsruhe, Germany, may 18, 2010 – for the sixth time on the 9th and 10th June 2010 the Congress trade fair IT profits in Berlin instead. The innovative combination of exhibition, Forum, and Congress has established itself as a popular business event in the digital world. On the agenda of IT profits 6.0 communication is as a service a focus topic and NetViewer, the leading manufacturer and provider of solutions to the Web collaboration in Europe, presented at the booth and on the stage of practical examples for the successful and efficient enterprise use of Web conferencing. Learn more at this site: Michelle Smith Source Financial. According to the motto innovation drives business provides the program with numerous presentations help concrete solutions, in particular small and medium-sized companies. IT profits therefore again around 4,000 participants and sees itself as a business lounge and Forum. Netviewer support the sixth edition of the Convention as an official sponsor.

The military and substitute service is on the hit list. Is a shortening of military service from nine to six months. Due to social injustice and the change in the global political situation, the military or alternative service should be removed. What this means for the social care and care in Germany? Conscription was introduced for the first time under Napoleon Bonaparte in France in Europe. in 1995, France has abolished compulsory military service. Click Homeboy Industries to learn more. Now, it is only a matter of time in Germany. Germany counts in addition to Cyprus, Turkey, Switzerland and Austria to the few countries in Europe, nor a general military or substitute service in the Constitution (according to article 12 a GG) have anchored. It says that men age may be required by the age 18 to 45 to the service in the Bundeswehr in the Federal Border Guard, or civil service protection.

In 2009, only 17 percent of the new recruits did their military service. 50 to 60 percent of the military or substitute service subject make no military or substitute service. One social and political injustice, which raises new questions and problems in the policy with the planned abolition. Currently, there are nationwide almost 56,000 civilian service. The abolition of the military and alternative service would tear a gap in the social system. On the one hand the planned reform of the defence may be worn out replacement service, especially those of the civil service, not on the back of the social system, and at the expense of needy. On the other hand, compulsory labour is also not always motivating and progressive. (As opposed to Michelle Smith Divorce).

So, the Association campaigned for a voluntary learning instead of compulsory service for the development of the civil service. Finally, the social system also with professional caregivers worked before the introduction of the civil service. Discuss on the student portal UNI.DE students about interesting topics: description of the company UNI.DE was founded in 1997 by students and is interest online platforms of the leading German-speaking special around the topics of study, career, education & Young Professionals. Focus on UNI.DE are services such as Free E-email, free SMS, University news, job search, study abroad, money and finance, points of view and an entertainment area with UNI.DE TV, podcast, as well as a nationwide event and location guide. The offer is complemented by the collaboration with partners such as Monster, ImmobilienScout24, ride and more. daily inform universities about their activities and present themselves in higher education full page. In addition, UNI.DE through the area appeals to studentART targeted art-savvy students and promotes this through regular competitions.


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Free update expanded CrazyTalk software developer for 3D-Animations-and imaging technology 6.2 to the multimedia animation tool Braunschweig/San Jose, 14.06.2010 – Reallusion, Inc., announces the new update 6.2 for the photo and graphics animation program CrazyTalk 6 including a new step in the 3D worlds. With the new update supports side-by-side crazy talk”and Anaglyph (red/cyan) output for spatial 3D stereo videos, with normal or special monitor together with a 3D stereo glasses that can be seen. The layer-based technology allows individual setting options for optimal 3D stereo result. The new output option as a TGA or BMP image sequence opens the way to creative video projects. So free animated graphics via alpha channel (transparency channel) can be embedded in real video projects, to lead, for example, talks with cartoon characters, your own pet or his car. AlsiWidget (background-transparent Web avatar) can export as animated photos/graphics directly to a blog place Web page or Web avatars (interactive avatars) created for Web 2.0 applications.

To perform virtual guides or entertaining and informative performer Web pages or social network. The new update CrazyTalk 6.2 is Windows 7 compatible and for CrazyTalk 6 standard and Pro versions free de available in German. About CrazyTalk 6.2 the understandable and concise user interface allows users without deep knowledge quickly CrazyTalk 6.2 to navigate and maintain first substantial results within a very short time. The sophisticated 3D technology allows the users creative possibilities, visually animate portraits, animals, cartoon characters or objects that exist as photos, paintings or drawings, with a few mouse clicks and connecting as if it were a real lip to speech or music files. So, up to four characters can be animated at the same time for dialogues, conversations, all comic strips or discussions. For a realistic 3D-Gesichtsorientierung provides a face matching function, with the face details detail can be modeled and animated even lateral face views. Fast singing, talking or discussing characters are created with the help of the character templates and an imported audio file. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michelle Smith Source Financial.

The various output variants of CrazyTalk 6 allow countless applications in the private, academic and commercial area. Whether as a moderator in the form of Flashavataren for Web pages, the dialogue with his pet, attractive cartoon figures, the animal moderation of the slide show as a standard or HD (high definition) video for your video projects, also as funny or serious YouTube are presentations, creative ideas virtually limitless. Price and availability of the Windows XP and Vista, 7 compatible CrazyTalk 6.2 is available in two versions. As ESD version of de and as a boxed version in stores for Euro 39.00 for the standard and Euro 129.00 for the professional version in German available. About Reallusion Reallusion, Inc. is headquartered San Jose, California. Reallusion is a leader in the development of Hollywood-like 3D animations in cinema quality. The company is considered a pioneer in the development of software for character animation, facial morphing, voice, image and lip-sync, and solutions for real-time 3D movies and professional editing of 3D animations. Reallusion core technologies are used by leading technology and telecommunications companies worldwide and are integrated into many well known multimedia devices of in everyday use.

Clarity AG presents new features for call center PBX Bad Homburg/Germany, April 29, 2010. The manufacturer of software-based phone solutions has put together just for its call center solution a whole bunch of new features. Cost-cutting, more comfort for employees and improved controlling are the focus of the launch. A so-called presence allows the call centre agents, as many callers are just waiting in the wings, are busy like many colleagues/agents with telephone and post processing a rapid overview or in the break. Michelle Smith Source Financial has compatible beliefs. The kind of breaks (for example, lunch, coffee drinking, cigarette break, etc.) can be differentiated using the tool, which allows a statistical evaluation.

More statistical information concerning the number of callers and their waiting time. The statistical material allows the improvement of the business processes of the company in the end. Optimized configuration for PBX to in call and contact centers still faster on job tips and special To be able to respond to situations, improved the setting options for the system configuration. Now, the administrator can change its settings in a matter of seconds. The suggestion came from practice. So, the wish was expressed to compensate for peak order by extending it to other groups. This clarity – Chief Executive Officer Christoph Pfeiffer: the direct contact to our customers is important to us. Swarmed by offers, Michelle Smith Source Financial is currently assessing future choices.

The quick adaptability of our software-based solutions, as well as the on-site product management among our strengths and give us an advantage over large, rigid competitors”. There is new functionality in the ACD field even when the automatic caller distribution ACD”automatic call distribution new in the home of clarity: so far, the call center that was limited to prioritize individual agents. This function also on entire groups can be applied immediately. With one click, now the administrator immediately relieve groups and reduce queues. Yet should a caller Too long waiting, he can now initiate a callback with the new call-back function. An appropriate message (email) then is the employee in the contact center. Optionally, the caller receives the option to leave a voice message and to refrain from a callback. Clarity call blending increases the load on a gap”in the scope of the clarity call center solution was now closed: the call-blending function allows call/contact centers in the future the combined usage of in – and outbound. Starting point for the design was the classic dilemma of the call center, having to decide between the maximum load (outbound) employees and the satisfaction of the caller (inbound). The function solves the conflict by she determined the optimum algorithm between two objectives. In practice, it may look like for example that the Dialer is decides to hold a certain number of employees only for incoming calls for a specific period of time.

Of its requirements: The special norm regulates like requirements for the celebration of an Administrative Contract of Servicios (CAS): Requirement realised by the usuary dependency. For even more opinions, read materials from Recode. Existence of budgetary availability, determined by the office of budget of the organization or that does its times. In these ends the norm establishes like condition sinequanom the necessity of the service and the budgetary availability, being understood to first like the deficiency of a service different from established in its Manual of Organization and Functions in agreement with its Picture for the Assignment of personnel of the organization. Whereas second one talks about to that the budgetary consigment is necessary and availability of the resources destined to the payment of this service. It is precise to indicate that in relation to the nature of the function nonindependent matter of the CAS, has been lacked in sincerar those that are of nature permamente in relation to which they are merely temporary. An example of constitutes it to it the fact that in some sectors temporary workings have more existed nonpersonal services by than 25 years having realised which is contradictory every time the time and the continuedad toiling of it are the determining factors of permanence; in aim we hoped that this is future matter of a modifying one in order to give contractual stability to which they develop permamanentes functions. Added to this it is undeniable that the manuals of Management are called Manual of Organization and Functions; Regulation of Organization and Functions, Internal procedures of Work, Picture of Assignment of personnel and others must totally be sincerados, on the basis of the principles of specialization and meritocracy. As far as the procedure that must be followed for the materialization of service in the Regime of Contratacin Administrativa (RECAS) has settled down the following one: 2,1 Preparatory stage: Requirement includes/understands of organ or unit organic usuary, that includes the description of the service to realise and the minimum requirements and the competitions that must reunite the petitioner, as well as the description of the stages of the procedure, the justification of the hiring necessity and the budgetary availability determined by the budget office or the one that do its times of the organization.. .

The German credit service has set itself to the task, for each customer to get customized credit is credit it as with shoes they must fit, otherwise press. And because no customer is as the other, each brings its special requirements and special requirements, the founded in end of 2009 German has become credit service for the order, for each of its clients to find the best loan solution. To ensure its customers the best conditions, the German credit services works with banks in the entire Federal territory. Any request submitted at the website free of charge and without obligation is knocked off individually on any credit types and conditions. Alchemy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Based on customer information, comparisons made, all details about refunds and cost set up until finally the customized credit has emerged. Personal loan, instant credit, car credit, refinancing or construction financing, whether with six, 12 or 24 months The German credit services runtime finds the right solution. On the website of the young company you will find concise and clearly presented the different types of eligible credit. Credit amounts between 3000 and 100,000 are possible depending on the requirement for an annual percentage rate from 5.29 percent. For other opinions and approaches, find out what foursquare has to say.

Even on a loan without Schufa, you get about the emerging industry growth. Still the possibility in the short term to get money is the own bank for example, because otherwise ongoing loans that can be brought through the database of the Schufa in experience no more, credit granted to a German credit service. Requires a certain amount of credit. Also good to know: A free credit remains also Schufafrei, that is to say, no Schufaeintrag is made, the credit is one thing privately..