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Investments in real estate, construction of shopping centers and construction of office centers in the Russian Federation – are issues that are now very much in demand. There is a significant number of companies that involved the following issues: management of commercial real estate. Among all the major Russian companies ranks first FPC Corporation Garant […]

PCM Coil

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For these reasons, electronic ignition systems provide an ideal power quality for the engine. Review of Advance Electronic Spark Advance System in Power Electronics, the engine will provide almost ideal characteristics of ignition timing. What what I mean? We know that the PCM determines the ignition time on two things: a) the sensor input signals […]

Boat Motor

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2) You are a hunter or fisherman. Float plan together (can sometimes three) and you should move on rather considerable distance. This is the most popular niche Boat motors. Get here and those few times a year travel to the Lower Volga and the people are resting on the water near the city. 3) Do […]


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The confidencialidade and the privacy offer support to the prevention of not authorized revelation of information, as well as keep given occult the not authorized and unknown users, not giving access privilege. The integrity prevents the not authorized modification of the information. The availability of the support to the construction of a trustworthy and available […]

Fact Engine

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You can also change the idle speed, the maximum permitted engine speed and mass other parameters. Great a role in getting these changes on the engine maximum power? No – its growth may be 5-8% (with the exception of 'inomarochnye' turbo-charged engines where, without much difficulty You can get an increase of 20% or even […]

The implemented system allows to simplify and expedite the work of cashiers – is now in stores no queues and shortages eradicated. The result – this month the number of customers increased by 2 times! The main activity of a retail food stores, “Chars” is the sale of alcoholic beverages. Mode – non-stop, with above-average […]


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Macbook – new generation of laptops from the world famous company apple, created based on Intel's processors and incorporating all the latest technology. Powerful video graphics cards nvidia brings you the latest 3D games. Fast Wi-Fi, iSight camera, Bluetooth wireless technology, and many more surprises that are hidden in notebooks Apple. Nice innovation is also […]

Created a perpetual motion machine! Created a perpetual motion machine – and this is not some kind of supernova discovery scientists! To date, there are more than 10 unrelated projects working Perpetuum Mobile. All data on created eternal engines are classified by all Governments. From the available unclassified data, it is obvious that the first […]