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In macromolecule material formed conjugated cyclic structures that are characteristic of heat-resistant compounds. A self fiber 'becomes black. The fabric of black nitrone does not burn voob slit-t, it is not destroyed even in the flame of a gas burner (700-800 ). But this remarkable fiber, as indeed in most other heat-resistant polymers, there is […]

In 1962, American Nick Holonyak reported on the early release of semi-light-emitting diodes. and Russia once again lost its priority: six months earlier in a "mailbox" was organized by the release of silicon carbide light-emitting diodes for nuclear engineering, but zasekretili and a pioneer in the story came Holonyak, received in 2003 the Russian prize […]


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However, many times this type of information products prices are exaggeratedly high, this being the main reason that are not really accessible to many people interested in them (for very interesting that something can (prove me not buy it if it exceeds my possibilities, logically). This seems obvious, but actually holds a secret. The secret […]

Basically gaping due to THRIPS, of the regulations in the field of drugs and vital medicines they emanate, in addition to encompass genetically modified organisms Yes!, even life itself property is jealously protected under tight patent. The development of cutting edge technologies drag since the 1980s new demands for experts of the law, the need […]


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Parkinson’s disease (or evil) Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that occurs by loss of neurons characteristically in the substantia nigra and in other areas of the brain. The involvement of this structure causes the appearance of the most typical symptoms of the disease. It is an own disorder, in general, older people, characterized by […]