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Many of the breathing exercises that are online may even increase anxiety. That is because they are not designed exercises for people suffering panic attacks. We have to be careful with the deep breaths because they can make you hiperventiles and you have a panic attack. We are therefore going to focus on making short, […]

Among the Gypsies, the sorceresses called Shuvanis or clairvoyants. Women whose wisdom is transmitted from generation to generation. For a century, it was believed that the Shuvanis maintained carnal dealings with the spirits of the Earth or water in exchange for powers and knowledge. And that of these unions arose, in turn, new Shuvanis. Nothing […]

They are not real in themselves, they are while we thus focus them. Although it sounds to quantum physics, these sorcerers envisioned it and experimented in depth many thousands of years earlier. They keep saying, that at birth, we do not see the world in the same way, but by a process of socialization, we […]

This has led to lost interest, love and respect towards those who founded our country. We wanted to know if Beatriz loves the world of literature and if it would be released to dabble in other genres that were not historical, and of course also was also of know our interest, how he felt the […]

At last, consists of establishing the performance limits and delimiting the system that the mission will go to enclose: the one that if destines, what and who involves and as will be developed. c) Determination of the main risks: to identify the potential risks with potentiality to cause direct and immediate injuries, loss of function […]