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Attempts to children to have fun, learn and read in sign language.For its part, the guide we will assign a story to parents provides guidelines and orientations to make easier reading with deaf their sons and daughters. This publication focuses on two characters, Manu and Sara, which encourages children to read and offer bibliographic and […]

Promotion of a site on the Internet – is the art of using the algorithms of search engines for profit. Well-advertised resource has now become an integral piece of image of a successful company. Companies that begin to analyze the effectiveness of the site as a tool for business, sometimes can not understand why a […]

Appraising itself for the productive chain it is a set of interactive components formed by the insumos, technology, system of production, harvest, improvement, storage and the commercialization (agronegcio) of the product (al Hisses et., 1995). The current concept of Agronegcio incorporates the dimension of information and incentives that involve the technology of the information and […]

Language integration: the previous version of Windows comes in three versions – for European languages (single-byte characters, the letter only from left to right) for the Far Eastern languages (multi-byte characters) and Middle Eastern languages (writing from right to left with contextual variants of letters). Windows 2000 combines these features, all of its localized version […]

The application of the linear packaging is used primarily for containers that do not require accessories or change parts of them. This type of packaging is used mainly for moderate production which operate automatically and are ergonomically optimized in order make one reliable and efficient process. There are different technologies depending on the characteristics of […]

Thus agreeing to diverse modern educators whom they have written on the importance of the critical thought religious, and of the studies of the religious phenomena, for a citizenship more joust and human being. The advertising was salient still that the media, wants either digital or printed, has given to the religious subjects in our […]

These rights allow a personal right to the author in relation to his work. In particular, the copyright are constituted by the economic rights and moral rights. 1. Proprietary rights: involve the rights of use, exploitation and dissemination, by which these rights provide the author a renumbering for the use of its creation by others. […]