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In particular the small government party oVP has completely down and out in Renaissance of the monarchists to Habsburg-funeral, polls: FPo remains oVP in anthem crisis front, and where the oVP has the power, she’s doing what she wants give the current domestic debate an overview of Renaissance of the monarchists to Habsburg-funeral, the burial […]

The nationwide IT-service-net has closed a gap in the greater Stuttgart area. The nationwide IT service net’s strength lies in the concentration of knowledge of over 50 nationwide distributed IT service partners. This knowledge is available to each partner and for each indirectly available to its customers. This provides the network and comprehensive help at […]

Each delivery on public roads is obliged by law to the winter service. In a few weeks, here we go: the streets are white, the car must first free be scraped, towards the work lasts sometimes twice as long and especially it means getting up earlier to shoveling snow in front of the door, on […]

can fulfil themselves. There are professional companies who reliably take over the winter service. Cost for the assignment of a winter service. They would not acknowledge the financial management as household services and lodged against the judgment of the FG (AZ. revision VI R 55/12). Their rationale is that a connection to the budget is […]