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Innovations are characterised also in vacuum technology by improving the degree of efficiency and savings in the energy consumption. Specially designed vacuum systems offer significant customer benefits, such as Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum on the occasion of the thermal process / METEC in Dusseldorf shows. The reliable generation of the required vacuum level has the top […]

5.38 MW for the Logistics Center by toys ‘R’ US in Flanders, N.J. Baltimore, May 11, 2011 Constellation Energy (NYSE: CEG) today announced that it has a 5,38MW large solar for the 1.2 million m large logistics center by toys “R” US in Flanders, N.J., United States plant. Constellation Energy is as owners build this […]

Most wisdom that human beings can reach is holiness. Compare the diversity of virtues that man can lead to good practice. Which can be applied to the improvement of their souls. And tell me if there is under greatest holiness. When you perform this test, follow me closely and I'm very close to making a […]

Toughest requirements for camera and communication technology in potentially explosive atmospheres is of Eleanor romp of the Asslar biomass landfill. 1000 metres of tunnel underground. 1000 metres of tunnel from Betriebsmesswarte. Explosion endangered areas. Pipe cleaning with water pressure up to 900 bar. Request to the camera and communication system: continuous monitoring of the entire […]

Decline of solar promotion through lower acquisition costs offset FRANKFURT, 02.11.2011 which are manufacturers prices especially for photovoltaic modules this year significantly lower, making investments in small and medium-sized photovoltaic plants, remain to be very lucrative despite the solar production decreased by 15 per cent in the context of the renewable energies Act (EEG). Thanks […]

Automatic start stop system for the diesel that fuels are becoming increasingly expensive, upset the Germans. Suzuki uses the moment and continues to rotate on the Spritsparschraube. There is now also the diesel car in the top class of facilities comfort”available with automatic start stop system. The system should enable a lower consumption in city […]