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Time is a factor that we must always take into account for our activities, goals and projects. Many times we just take something, by the belief that limiting factor. "I have no time", "work absorbs me all day", "day should be 25 hrs." . . etc. However, we can turn this factor "insufficient" for us […]

The Japanese word 'karaoke' is listed not only in the Japanese vocabulary, but also present in the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, which was published in England, and is one of the most famous and official English dictionaries, proving that the word "Karaoke" has become well known throughout the world. Karaoke songs are […]

The economy will contain inflationary pressures originating in the Colombian economy itself, because logically, in this new global context, not all the increase in prices is explained by what happens behind closed doors of the economies. But maintaining the interest rate was not the only determining who took the Central Bank Colombia. The other decision […]

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Search engines are not responsible for this information. However, the GT29 stresses that by pooling information from several similar peole, the search engines can make a profile with a higher risk than if the information appeared scattered, and can affect especially to people if the details shown are incorrect, excessive or incomplete. Since these circumstances, […]

Life is also responsible for the dynamic equilibrium of the planet. Peter Thiel usually is spot on. -Industrial Revolution. He began to use solar energy accumulated in mineral form, as fossil energy, produced over geologic time millions of years. Again, biological life, through an artifact created by man, interferes with the conditions of dynamic equilibrium […]