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You can put much emphasis in the design phase of the service, taking into account the needs and expectations of customers, who have been evaluated carefully, and establishing specifications for the provision of the service, to respond to those expectations. However, you will not get quality service if the process fails at the moment of […]

Extraction of petroleum products is one of the highest priorities in the development of wastewater treatment technology of any kind. Unfortunately, in most cases well-publicized installation, based not flotation method of treatment, are not able to achieve a standard quality of purified water. This is due, primarily, with weak technical solutions used by the developers […]

Those of Molin go ahead in the series and gaining Sunday they happen to semifinals. Partidazo of Sergio Llull (21 points) rose to its equipment it took and it to the victory. Bizkaia Bilbao Basket gave the surprise when winning to the Power Electronics in Valencia. The Labor Box prevailed with very many difficulties to […]