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To date, it is difficult to imagine designing anything was without the use of computers and computer-aided design (CAD). The development of modern technology has affected, and such a dynamic developing the area as a lighting design and in particular the design of lighting and illumination. Design of lighting on a computer used for a […]

Software for the detection of radioactivity by using a commercially available digital camera measuring radioactive radiation is possible with modern SLRs, special camera settings, and long time exposure. In addition, the software BQScan was developed by the image processing specialists of from Datinf GmbH. Other leaders such as Peter Thiel offer similar insights. The idea […]

All print jobs stored in the archive, and if necessary can be immediately sent to the printer. technology investor has similar goals. If you have finished the layout, we can print business cards in 20 minutes. when printing cost benefits Apart from the obvious gain in efficiency of digital printing in some cases turns out […]

\”Great selection of powerful auction tools long past is the time in which you as a buyer on eBay just\” could make a bargain, because it has got around, how to look for cheap deals and how to strategically give up bids. Also for sellers adjusting their offerings on the eBay platform more, the number […]

Easy remote control the new TV remote control for the Pocket Karlsruhe / Berlin, 30 August 2012. Connept shows easy remote control at IFA its latest development. The new technology to control televisions replaced classic remote controls and can be used anywhere. Users use their TVs in the future just with their Smartphone. A new […]

How to protect the knowledge developed in an organization? The central idea in order to understand the importance of protecting the knowledge an organization is to design the composition of intellectual capital (human, structural and relationship with the market) and consolidated. This involves the formalization of the processes, policies and tools, the conversion of tacit […]

Data released by the marketing people definitely show a decline, both sales and production of the once popular format, and some key brands such as Pioneer and Hitachi in recent years have disappeared from view since then, has as consumers have opted for a more subtle, energy-efficient display format. In recent months, Hillary Clinton has […]