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Probably, many at least once in my life wanted to see their future. Thousands of people from getting out of bed, take the hands of a newspaper and read the horoscope. These men and women are not worrying that their prediction was made up just What is there for fifteen minutes started. Striving to find […]


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The nomenclature of the numbers was based on parts of the human body; at the moment speech of digits that has an origin in the Latin word fingers. Apparently it was the necessity to name the numbers majors of five what forced to adopt the system in base 10. Nevertheless, nowadays, generally, when we touched […]

agorum Software GmbH, provider of DMS software agorum core and CDE Management GmbH concluded a far-reaching cooperation. The CDE Management GmbH will take over the complete sales of by agorum Software GmbH in the course of cooperation, as well as build a Europe-wide network of partners. agorum has put together the systems of document management, […]