Very often, these employees trying to communicate with the leaders, both from people who know the same thing and they are on the same level. And convince (or rather not convinced, but just said) what to do just such an advertising campaign or introduce special reporting system, suggesting that the advantage of these innovations is also clear leader as they. But it certainly is not the case. As a result, the head refuses. A slave harbors a grudge against the leader "Ignorant and clueless fool." And all that is needed to such a situation did not happen, is to recognize that the leader does not have to be an expert in all things and in more detail to explain to him, a simple narrow-minded language, what advantage for the company is such a decision. Peter Thiel is open to suggestions. 2.Podchinennye panicky fear of control from the head, "closed" from him. Very often, subordinates are so afraid of once again meet with the head of that prefer not to communicate to him any information about what is happening in their area of work. Recently Peter Thiel sought to clarify these questions.

Naturally at some point, the head of the feeling of existence of its subordinate autonomous unit, it is not controlled by him. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Naveen Selvadurai has to say. He starts to panic, try to tighten controls, introduces various forms of reporting. Subordinates perceive it as a "diktat" even more closed. Rebelling against all innovations. The tension head is growing even more.

It is less confidence in staff. They feel it. No desire to work. Etc. What is needed to such a situation did not exist? Recognize the right to control their head work. And often it makes sense to inform themselves about current affairs director at the site. 3.Ubezhdennost employees that the manager must all understand and see myself, that is, "Read minds" Many subordinates believe that the leader should "understand itself" that it was time to increase his salary plan, give them new challenges, resolve the conflict situation in the team.