In the long term it leads to impairment of the seller negotiations, the fall of his self-esteem and, consequently, less motivation. Clear sequence of actions forming a strategy to deal more likely to become the market leader, having a motivated, strong team loyal to the company's vendors. The basis for the strategy, for example, may become a "Corporate Book Sales" or any other variant of the systematic storage of experience in sales. The main thing that it was real examples of good product sales company. The next tool is the public information advertising campaigns.

In this capacious phrase is a standard set of events, allowing final consumer Osoznatnalichie the market in general and your company in particular, the desired product. This set consists of participation in trade fairs, placing information in the media, in reference producers, as well as presentations and analysis of customer feedback. And in any case, the implementation of these instruments can not be entrusted to anyone, except for sales staff. Firstly, all these event – this is an additional opportunity for the vendor to hone sales skills, in particular the presentation of the product. Secondly, it is a good way to gather information to establish a strategy for the transaction, because Practice shows that in the course of such events in the short period of time comes a lot of information in the form of feedback from users of the product, consumer expectations and objections potential customers that, as a rule, ceases to form the basis of "Corporate book sales." Third, by involving in sales promotions, the head of the department has the ability to objectively assess the degree of their professionalism and quality of employee performance "in the field." Incidentally, I recommend a team to participate in promotional activities of the trainees to form exclusively the department and its "stars." Here and accelerated adaptation of a new employee in conditions close to the "field", and the mentoring element of the "stars", and the initial stage of formation of the team relationship.