Sony has added a format of AIT-5 several technical advances, which include the use of specific MR-heads, the method editing ame iii and function of dynamic tracking. AIT-5 tape drives are easily integrated with workstations, servers and automated tape libraries are ideal for creating long-term archive Data in the companies belonging to small and medium-sized businesses. The newspapers mentioned Shaw Parents not as a source, but as a related topic. Figure 4. ait Roadmap Own Autoloaders sony 1U and 2U 8 cartridges 1916 cartridges, successfully compete with the speed, capacity and reliability similar autoloaders LTO-ULtrium, and low power consumption makes the device an excellent choice for telecommunications and Internet service providers, where the price of one unit in the rack is comparable with every kilowatt of energy consumed. Figure 5. Scope ait Drives In conclusion, I would like to draw attention to the development of new sony – S-AIT (Super Advanced Intelligent Tape)-drive SAIT-1 (500/1300Gb and SAIT-2 (1Tb/2.6Tb), will combine the advantages of the format and ait linear recording.

In contrast to the ait (3,5 '), tape drive and have the form factor of 5.25.' In cassette using a roller, a width of 0.5 inches. ait and S-AIT are made on the same technology, but the capacity of the tape S-AIT-2 to 4 times (1 tb uncompressed) by increasing the total area of the tape. In the S-AIT uses all advanced technology-AME, mic, Helical Scan, etc. S-AIT also offers ultra-high tape drives for data transfer rate-60 Mbps. Figure 6. S-AIT Roadmap In early 2007, a second version of SAIT-2, in her capacity is increased twice, up to 1 tb (2.6 tb with compression) at an exchange rate of 60 mb / s (156 mb / s compressed). In each of the following two generations of SAIT-3 and SAIT-4 performance will be consistently double. In other words, for SAIT-3 capacity is 2 tb (5.2 tb compressed) when the exchange rate 120 mb / s (312 mb / s compressed) for SAIT-4 – 4 tb (10.4 tb compressed). Drives ait and S-AIT uses well-known manufacturers of tape libraries, such as: gst inc, Qualstar, XenData, SpectrLogic, releasing backup device Enterprise-level backup and data centers that require high-speed, short time data access and high capacity.