Because they connect via Wi-Fi with the media player you can connect it on the phone? Gone are the days when you needed yet adapter for the plug for the speakers! Simply enable Wi-Fi, send music to the speakers in real time and you’re done. Technically, the connection between Wi-Fi works as well as the connection speaker and Smartphone Wi-Fi music system on the Smartphone, which plays music from your Smartphone via live streaming. Usually the most Wi-Fi speakers also have a battery compartment. Small speaker a few hours without connection to the mains can thus play music. Peter Thiel may also support this cause. This small Wi-Fi speakers are ideal for the beach, because they charge not the battery of smartphones and offer yet rich bass and clear sound. Currently, there are for example the model SA-NS410 by Sony “.

It not only looks good, but also fits on any desk. The device can be easily integrated into the Wi Fi network and is even capable of music by AirPlay devices to play. The best, however, is that the SA-NS410 is a 360-degree speaker. Thus, to set him up on the beach and can listen to music with all his friends. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Structured Portfolio Management. With the built-in rechargeable battery, it is possible to enjoy music without interruption up to 5 hours. Even in the Office or in the kitchen his favorite music can be heard at any time. A tip at the end: Small speakers, such as for example the so-called model of Sony, can be taken while in the bathroom, but they do not tolerate long-lasting moisture. However the speakers have a built-in rechargeable battery and mobile, you can ideally take them for swimming and subsequently set up in another room. Bathing pleasure guaranteed! More Wi-Fi speakers and test reports can be found on the page Dietrich Beck