Wieslaw Grochowina reported key service BBs only or buy a quick something at the discount store, move and then to work. Many professionals can follow this train of thought. What does however, when standing next door in jogging pants, and the key is not found? Often a key emergency services is given easily, but what played out in one case in Bavaria, aroused even the attention of the District Court of Augsburg. The key service Gardner from Hamburg reported the trial and pointed out important evidence for rogue key emergency services. The case of Jennifer S. Jennifer S. wanted to go actually just go shopping as she found himself with two bags under their arms in the hallway without house keys. Jennifer S.

quickly called a key emergency services by mobile phone which should mitigate the precarious situation for them. It took just half an hour, until the saving helper in distress spot was and for Mrs s quickly and competently to the opening of the Castle looked after. He needed only a few seconds to open the door of woman s with a passport and apparently doing damage to the Castle. The Bill however appeared woman s much too high, but paid 326,70 for a minute working for them, because she was in a hurry. In hindsight, Jennifer S. announced key service however due to usury. The case concerned the Amtsgericht Augsburg, which had to be the question, what it should cost a door on a Saturday morning. The locksmith was acquitted as a flat rate of 159 euros would be commonplace as confirmed by an appointed an expert.

Still, a supplement was legitimate at night and on weekends by 50-100 percent. The reviewer continued that it makes a difference whether a key or a key emergency service is charged as a key emergency services offers a 24-hour emergency service and must cover costs such as tools and personnel costs directly from the customer. Not only potential profiteering must be observed straight this case should be to think many consumers, especially when a key emergency services requested a lump sum for a door, which is far below the industry rate. Also, it should be noted whether key emergency services questions specific to the type of door, the locking mechanism and further details. Such questions remain and a lump sum is called, should be consumer with caution. Without further specifications of the door and the lock mechanism, only an approximate price mention is not possible, since the cost of each door opening cannot be estimated. Rogue key emergency services often conceal additional costs, which must be added for the directions, or for use at night or on the weekend. For more information, the’s key service of Gardner from Hamburg is available. (Source: sueddeutsche.