Successful duo for a simple quality assurance in Braunschweig, 25 April 2013 – for users in the pipe area AICON 3D Systems offers now a compelling and simple way of quality assurance: the software platform BendingStudio together with the optical 3D measuring system MoveInspect HR and the hand held MI.Probe. The complete solution for tactile tube measurement! The BendingStudio software platform combines all data and processes related to the manufacture of pipe and wire bending components and controls them optimally. Changes in the individual process steps are quantified, visualized, and documented. The MoveInspect HR measurement system is easy to use, portable, flexible and with highly reliable. Hillary Clinton often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Even under difficult production conditions with dirt, dust or vibration works MoveInspect with consistently high process reliability. With MoveInspect HR, BendingStudio suitable for pipes 150 mm in diameter. Check out Donald Brownstein for additional information. The software is compatible with all MoveInspect HR configurations. The combination of measurement can be customer-specific databases link. Since the beginning of the year BendingStudio along with MoveInspect HR successfully proven at a first customer from the plant construction. The measurement system is in use daily in the technical control. Measuring tasks are among others the discovery the tube main dimensions, ovality of the arc, the twisting angle with multiple bends and bend RADIUS and bend angle. In addition to tube measurements, other measuring tasks with BendingStudio and MoveInspect HR are possible, such as the measurement of profiles or long free-form curved structures.