Directory of German Web agencies Berlin Internet Agency distinguishes the Berlin full service Internet Agency bit skin is pleased to be receiving an official seal, which certifies the quality of your services. Thus, bit skin belongs to a circle of selected agencies, which were recorded by the VdWa in their directory. Customers can be sure thanks to the seal of the VDWA (German advertising agencies directory) that the Agency keeps what it promises. The seal is further evidence that we also perform contractually committed. It confirms the quality of our work,”explains bit skin CEO Karsten Spiess. VdWa protects against nasty surprises anyone looking for an agency in the field of advertising and marketing in Germany, has a choice of around 20000 providers. The customer knows whether the agencies can really afford what they promise, often only after the signature of the contract.

To protect entrepreneurs from nasty surprises, the VDWA (German advertising agencies directory) has 16 years ago established and awards a seal, which is now also the Berlin full service Web Agency bit skin after extensive testing. Contractually guaranteed services are met for the bit skin GmbH the award is one of many within the last two years. During this time, the Agency built up additional sites in Lubeck, Dresden and Zwickau and strengthened its team in the field of social media, expanded the photo and text section as well as the search engine optimization team. The seal shows that bit skin in the areas of Web design, programming, e-commerce, can reliably deliver the contractually guaranteed services search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Bit skin: Skin bit GmbH is a medium-sized new media agency with branches in Lubeck, Berlin, Dresden and Zwickau. In the areas of Web design, Web programming, search engine optimization and search engine marketing is the approximately 35-strong team of experienced contact person for individual wishes and its customers as a competent partner at your side.