Boost function in new Energiesparthermostaten by eQ-3 ensures ‘Well-being feeling heat’ button blank, January 14, 2011 right in the cold season the eQ-3 ( home-control specialist has equipped its energy-saving electronics radiator thermostats with new features. A novelty in the classic product line is the boost function, allowing the user to cool rooms button and within a very short time can heat up. The heat emitted by the radiator immediately, which raises the boost function, a pleasant room climate is created immediately, without wasting energy in the long term. Now the professional series also available in a version with over five years of battery life. Furthermore the new theft and sabotage protection prevents unauthorized can unscrew the knob or remove the batteries. During the winter months, energy costs are a topical issue.

When using the electronic eQ-3-Energiesparregler the user must be however worry more efficient heating control make. Over the thermostats, the user can set up personal time profiles that regulate the heat output according to the individual needs. So, the heating shuts down, for example, at night automatically to a preset temperature. Also recognizes the thermostat the temperature drop when a window is opened, and regulates the temperature for a predetermined period of time down. This offers the possibility, to attach the optional wireless window contacts in connection with the Energiesparreglern is the House or apartment owners also. These contacts register opening the window and send this information via radio to the thermostat, which then adjusts the heating operation. Once the window is closed, the window contact forwards this to the electronic thermostat, again driving up the heating on the original performance. In this way, the user prevents the loss of valuable energy easily and efficiently. To felt faster heat up to cold rooms, has eQ-3 the boost function is developed. She is J in the Energiesparreglern classic, classic and classic K integrated.