As measurements direct or indirectly participate of all the processes of decision taking, involving commerce, industry, health and environment, the metrologia, has, also, expressive influence in the economic aspects of the generation of wealth. Its importance can be translated by the complexity and the sophistication of the modern technological processes, as well as, for the innovation as new requirement of the competitiveness in the development of processes and products. Still thus, the new conscience for the rights of the citizen-consumer and the necessity of correct information and of the quali-quantitative guarantee of the merchandises are factors related to the current demands of the society. In Brazil, the programs of development, in special of science and the technology, have detached the metrologia as a necessary instrument to the development of the economy, and, therefore, it has not only stimulated its insertion in the education, fomenting the intermeshing in areas as of the qualification of human resources of quality directed to the scientific and technological research, as promoting a culture metrolgica. By the same author: Peter Thiel. Some centers technician and 4 3 universities comes introducing the study of the metrologia in its curricular programs as complementation or 5 specialization, or same, as topical of some it disciplines 6 2. QUARREL 2,1 Classifications of Sciences Said science modern 7, 8, 9 or classic in the search of its autonomy was broken up of the philosophy, of the common sense, the arts and the politics and with the time the diverse forms of knowledge had been supplanted by the ones of quantitative base, of the statistical knowledge, the quantitative control of the economy, the territories and of the populations, organizing the introduced States and in the industralizao, this that if served of the aspects you quantified of natural sciences in the generation of technologies, resulting the call tecnocincia. In century XV science with its beddings had function to understand the world from all, I descend to the trifling details of the lesser part, in order to all have a deeper vision of this. .