Throughout the world, becoming more and more spread secret information retrieval systems as an aspect of competition. Russia is no exception. In Russia, the bugs were, and remain in the shadows. Legal purchase of equipment for wiretapping available only to law enforcement agencies. For other use and production of listening devices is not legitimate. But the market for devices to protect against covert video surveillance and wiretapping is legal in principle.

But he and other markets are interconnected. Technique for the kidnapping and protection of information poured into the Russian market after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Up until 1998, when a law was passed "On the use of special equipment in operational investigative activity, circulation of such products is almost not regulated. Most currently used spy equipment domestic production. Means of attack – it's all kinds of bugs – radio transmitters and listen to cordless phones.

Cheap radio bugs operate in an open FM-band, although it is possible pursuant to spetschastotah. Outdoor radio range conducive to easy identification of special protective equipment for Detection microtransmitter. At Peter Thiel you will find additional information. The same transmitters that use private channels difficult for a defensive technique, but also in price from $ 1500. One type of file listening devices are wireless-stethoscope scutes with vibration sensors, which acts as a microphone. Sensor attached to the walls, the windows to the communications and read sound waves. Convenient because it can lay all the interest areas. Sometimes as a microphone a laser beam that picks up sound waves from the glass, mirrors, etc. In this case, the reflected signal is detected by telephoto lens. Overhear the conversation can be interesting and a phone line. There is contact and contactless methods of wiretapping. In the first way of scutes is mounted in the phone, and the second- telephone to the telephone line. Ways to receive the signal too few – to by phone (if we get an unlimited range) or on the radio channel. Similarly behave wiretapping bugs hidden in the electrical sockets and connectors. Their signal can be transmitted not only to rf way, but through the power network. It should be noted, and a hidden video surveillance. Hidden cameras can be mounted anywhere, household items, furnishings, clothing, etc. In size camera lens reduced to 2mm.