Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular. How convenient is it in everyday life? More and more people spend a large part of their daily time with the search for a parking space in the big cities. The network of public transport is now so good, since it it obvious, is to abandon the car. Only, few Germans would abolish her car completely, but more and more are choosing, at least the way to work, to use public transport. This is stress-free and affordable. But how it looks actually with CarSharing? Providers such as DriveNow, CiteeCar or Car2Go to provide their cars in city centres.

You will find here a comparison of all providers. Rented the car is only as long as you need it. Since you are charged per minute, it often saves money especially for shorter distances. The offer with a voucher, which can be found on several Internet sites will be cheaper. How the provider compared cut off and they withstand the daily test? So CarSharing works of the principle produced works that Offer some CarSharing providers about equal. First you must register with the provider, vouchers can be redeemed in equal. CarSharing is actually only really comfortable, if you use the app required on his Smartphone.

Because without app, it will be difficult to find a free car in the city. Because the new form of mobility is really flexible when compared to conventional car rentals. The car can be placed anywhere in the city in a free parking lot again. Accordingly, a free vehicle in the city must be sought. The density of available vehicles is good, this is no problem in practice. In major cities such as Berlin, for example, a freely available vehicle can be found within 500 m. Because the parts of cars of course only makes sense, when you not only have to drive with public transport to his vehicle.