To release to our moving bodies with card pre-payment is something very habitual at the moment. Still memory when there was to do it almost secretly and seemed a crime slight times. Different forms exist to release a moving body. It is possible to be done using denominated material unlock or by imei. These two forms to release to the moving bodies with cards pre-payment have different advantages and disadvantages. If you have some doubt, the best thing is than you go to a professional who knows to the best form of liberarte the moving body. Today in days, besides being able to do it by Internet you have stores specialized in the majority of the great cities.

The form more used to release to the moving bodies with cards pre-payment is the one that denominates unlock. In order to be able to do it you must have a cable of connection to the PC and a special software that allows to release it you. Unlock means to release in English. Each mark of telephony has cables different for its devices, so asegrate to use the one that corresponds with your mark. In any case, if you decide to unblock the moving bodies with cards pre-payment that you have, you must remember that automatically you will lose the guarantee of the manufacturing house. So asegrate of which the work does it to you a professional and you do not risk to lose protection that gives the guarantee you. BlogRoll? Yoigo does not release to its card moving bodies Lives in network HoyTecnologia? To release a moving body of Orange no longer will leave free: 12 Euros once iPhone 3G available in pre-payment iPhoneFan Forum? It is possible to maintain the number of Spanish moving body while is lived? Moving bodies triband in Sweden? spaniards.