Extraction of petroleum products is one of the highest priorities in the development of wastewater treatment technology of any kind. Unfortunately, in most cases well-publicized installation, based not flotation method of treatment, are not able to achieve a standard quality of purified water. This is due, primarily, with weak technical solutions used by the developers of these facilities. In the practice of cleaning Wastewater developed various design schemes, techniques and methods of flotation. Significant fundamental differences flotation methods associated with the saturation of liquid containing air bubbles of a particular size. In the industrial production are most commonly used machines and equipment of mechanical, pneumatic, pressure and electric flotation. Recently, in Russia and abroad has been enhanced many existing designs flotation, so the most interesting are the construction of modernized combined flotation plants.

Combined pneumatic flotation machine, developed in EM06 niiem mstu. ne Bauman, provides a high degree of purification of waste water from hydrophobic contaminants. Through the use of built-in filter element cleaning efficiency reaches 95-98% and the concentration of hydrophobic contaminants tions in purified liquid is from 0,05 to 0,5 mg / l, which in most cases eliminates the need for costly after-treatment of waste water filters. Use of PFM-05 not only provides savings held by areas, but also reduces capital costs by up to 25%. The principle of the PFM-05 is as follows. The original waste water is fed through the inlet and below the bottom of the flotation in the unsaturated zone, created by disc aerators, which are the generators of gas bubbles (air).

When the movement of water in the aeration zone hydrophobic contamination when dealing with bubbles coalesce into flotokompleksy particle – bubble. Formed flotokompleksy rise up, forming a foam layer, which by gravity or by force is derived from the machine frame through the foam trough in chip catcher. Purified water from the aeration zone into the chamber of filtering, in which there are two vertical and one horizontal coalescing filter elements – adsorption type. Flotokompleksy stuck on the outside of the perforated surface of the filter element together (coalesce) into larger aggregates, promoting the emergence of a large force of buoyancy and rapid surfacing of these complexes in the upper foam layer. Inside the filter element is a special sorptive material that catches contamination found in finely dispersed and dissolved. Water flowing through the material enters the cavity of the element itself, and then at the last camera control unit of the liquid, then derived from the flotation body through the outlet. Scope: oil and oil refineries, Oil Spill, meat packing plants, dairies, poultry farms; creameries, breweries, vegetable oil plants, objects of low-rise building (bungalow, cottage villages, farms, etc.), engineering industry, etc.