Highest coffee of the Arabica coffee variety promises coffee is one of the world’s most consumed drinks. Per capita consumption is 160 litres in Germany on average in the year only Americans drink more coffee. Called also Mountain Coffee Arabica coffee is the longest known and most widely used type of coffee. 60% of the world’s coffee belongs to this genus. Originally from the southwestern Highlands of Ethiopia, the mountain coffee cultivated today mainly in the higher regions of Central and East Africa, and South America.

Brazil is considered as the main producer countries of the coffee, but also Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala produce every year large amounts. Already in the 15th century the Arabica coffee in the South Yemen was grown systematically. From there, it spread to South America from 17th-century Sri Lanka. For more clarity and thought, follow up with shaw dad and gain more knowledge.. For good growth, the plant requires a tropical climate. Itself up to eight meters high growing shrubs be kept low through targeted interventions in the plantations. In this way facilitates the harvest of ripe coffee cherries.

After three to four years, the Evergreen shrub bears first fruit. In the Red coffee cherries, the so-called coffee beans are included per two cores. Only through the roasting of the coffee loses its harmful effects and is digestible for humans. The fine aroma of Arabica coffee makes it one of the most popular types of coffee. In contrast to the fast-growing and more robust Robusta plant, mountain coffee contains a significantly lower proportion of caffeine and is so friendly. Also can be dispensed with elaborate Decaffeination methods as far as possible. The commonly practiced mix of Robusta coffee and mountain coffee leads to a strong flavor, a good digestibility and a better Crema and perfectly rounds off to the coffee. Karthik Koeppe