Against the background of large stores such as supermarkets, shopping centers, today there are a number of problems in the management of such stores, one of these problems is theft. Theft from shops are very similar class of large volume, and saving on modern systems of protection against theft, the owners of shops can steal their property. Co., Ltd. 'ABSOLUTE TRADING' BIN 1087746525272 – offers the most effective anti-theft equipment to protect against theft, brands and manufacturers: anti-theft system Sebsormatic, Gateway, EAS, anti-theft gates, theft protection, safety labels, round mirrors, anti-theft doors, anti-theft frame, printers barcode label printers, anti-theft doors, anti-theft frame, self-adhesive labels, counting systems, thermal labels, data collection terminals, akustomagnitnye systems, scales, cas, and other equipment. Using the latest anti-theft systems, the risk of theft is reduced several times, thus increasing the company budget as a whole. On the market there are a lot of burglar new antikrazhek, our company keeps track of this trend tests or that the system of protection against theft. Our regular suppliers of burglar alarm equipment has a wide diapason, and the choice is vast: Pristis, protex, recognition, sensormatic, antivor, lucatron, nedap, pos, cas, checkpoint, detex line, eac, crosspoint, elementstore, x trim, ultra post, Gateway , getaway, date times, gee that Technology, Kifato, lukatron, crystal service, Pristis, proteks, sensormatik, service plus, ultra line, bar m, exert, g2 technology, etc. For the protection of their property should be treated with utmost responsibility, applying to our company, our burglar alarm experts will select equipment that meets all your requirements, advise you on security shops, etc. Taken from: