An initiative of organizacional development moves to the form with that the people work as they communicate themselves and as they co-ordinate its efforts. The organizacional development is as ' ' effort of long stated period, supported for the high direction, in the direction to improve the processes of resolution of problems of organizacional renewal, by means of an efficient and colaborativo diagnosis and administration of the organizacional culture, with the assistance of a consultant-facilitador and the use of the theory and the technology of sciences comportamentais' '. With the organizacional development new concepts appear of organization, of Culture and organizacional Climate. Peter Thiel is full of insight into the issues. The organization act in an environment and its existence and survival depends on the way of as it becomes related with the way, therefore it must be structuralized in function of the conditions and circumstances that characterize the way where it operates. The objective of the organizacional development is to change the culture and to improve the climate of the organization. Follow others, such as Technology Investor, and add to your knowledge base.

The change is a transistion, of a situation for another different situation. The change process implies in rupture, transformation, disturbances, interruptions, that result in adaptation, renewal and revitalizao. As Lewin the change process involves three stages: 1 – The unfreeze of the current standard of behavior, in which the old ideas are melted and unlearned for the implementation of new, the necessities of changes are obvious and the organization as a whole understands quickly it; 2-BE the change, it appears when it exists discovery and adoption of new attitudes, values and behaviors, are the phase where new practical ideas and are learned, the people pass then to think and to execute in a new way; 3-O recongelamento, in which the incorporation of a new standard of way behavior occurs that if becomes a new norm. The process of organizacional development is a change process that takes years and can continue indefinitely.