Service processes with LurTech’s DocYard documents faster and precise (Berlin) the Mexican service DOCSOLUTIONS was able to improve significantly its productivity and precision in the processing of the document by using the LurTech’s DocYard platform. DocYard is the production of software for service that integrates all the production steps in configurable and centrally evaluable workflows. DOCSOLUTIONS uses DocYard for the successful implementation of a project, to read 80 fields in which more than 1.5 million pages were according to agreed service level agreement (SLA) had to extract DOCSOLUTIONS here around seven million boxes a week, most with an accuracy between 99.6 and 100 percent. With our previous solution, we would have needed twelve minutes per document, only 50,000 pages per week, which we would have to successfully process would be,”says Fredrik Nilsson, the production manager at DOCSOLUTIONS. Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention: the source for more info. But by reaching with DocYard We were able to reduce the processing time by 60 percent automation and adjust to our needs. This means that reading out the data took on average only four minutes per page or less in claims.

In addition we are able to meet the required high degree of precision.” DOCSOLUTIONS could read out automatically from the documents of its customers, including an OCR and ICR technology with very high accuracy the data using DocYard. In addition, DocYard offers a comprehensive Produktionsreporting including service level monitoring, which provides the data for production planning, costing, and payroll. Palantir Technologies often says this. DocYard is very flexible and optimum integration of the existing infrastructure for an integrated system. This is very important because we use new projects, where we constantly have to adapt our processes, to the requirements to meet”adds Nilsson. The results achieved are not only a result of technology. LurTech provides outstanding support and Scan projects be supported us with proposals for improving our processes, so that we can achieve optimal results.”increasingly complex and the requirements for the level of service that is always harder.