In this paper, continuing the theme of choice of tires for cars, will be described and given a brief description of tire firm Dunlop. Dunlop company one of the oldest in the manufacture of tires. It was founded in Britain in 1888. The company produces winter, season and summer tires for passenger cars, passenger cars, as well as motorcycle and truck tires. All Dunlop tires differ termoelostichnostyu and high wear resistance. Especially popular in Russia this winter tires company, which is not surprising. Dunlop first put on the tire tread rubber spikes. So, let's talk about the best, in the opinion of consumers, tire Dunlop.

SP WINTER SPORT 3D – winter sports tire, has a large number of slats. With a dry road, there is a high performance, and in snowy conditions, there is an optimum stability and handling. SP WINTER ICE 01 – Development of the Japanese branch of the company, is a versatile winter tire with studs. The special structure tread pattern allows the use of directional tire, as in urban areas, and in severe winter conditions. SP WINTER SPORT M3 – a higher class bus, with a speed index V, T and H. Ha grip strength affects Thermo mixture of rubber.

Blocks all season, and deep profile of the tread ensures rapid and reliable braking hold the road. GRASPIC DS3 – this is one of the new tires, its advantage is that it is well-kept road. GRANDTREK SJ6 – Winter bus, manufactured by technology Digityre-II. It has a smooth work surface with a ten profiles. Due to the brutality of the side block bus increases its service life. Dunlop SPORT – winter and summer tires, specially designed for extreme driving. A striking example is that, the summer tires Dunlop SP Sport 9000, they were developed by German and Japanese engineers. Have a directional tread pattern. Dunlop DIREZZA DZ101 – summer tire. Produced by special Technology DIGI-TYRE. Tire differs less rolling resistance because of what happens less fuel and provides less wear and tear. Tires Dunlop many years ago established themselves as one of the best in its class. They are especially suitable for use in the winter in cold climates. That winter tires Dunlop are very popular in our country. Thanks to an affordable price and high quality, Dunlop tires in constant demand among car owners all over the world. The founder of the first plant, was one of the inventors of the pneumatic tire, John B. Dunlop. He's still at that time realized how important science is in production, and created a plant at one of the most powerful institutions in the world. Here, for example, devised to separate the tire tread on a few series. It was to Dunlop tires firms apply first innovation in the manufacture of tires. A tire Dunlop sport remains the most popular among other manufacturers.