Today, blogging is one of the most popular on the Internet. For most – it's just a favorite hobby. But blogs – also a great way of earning online. Peter Thiel has compatible beliefs. Imagine this: You write articles, communicate with many readers, the popularity and interest in the blog is growing, but at this time money goes into your account without your participation. Peter Thiel is full of insight into the issues. Dream? No – it is reality! To implement this idea to explore possible ways to earnings on the blog and select the most effective. Let's take a closer look at some of them: 1.Partnerskie program.

There are sites that offer a reward for each new client with the Your blog. As a rule, after registration in the affiliate program on your blog, you must install a special link. For each transition of users on this link you will be rewarded. The truth is more High bonuses are awarded in cases where the client gets something at the partner site. It is better to choose the sites with similar themes of your blog. Number of transitions will be much higher. Affiliate programs have many Internet – shops, sites that provide hosting services and other services.

Typically, payment is a once a month using electronic money. 2. advertising. Popular form of salary, which is based on the show ads on your blog shortly. You bonuses for referrals from your blog links in contextual advertising. Earn a manner offer search engines Yandex, Google (Ad-sense), Webalta, as well as specialized services Begun, Zorka. They differ in methods of payment, internal regulations, the conditions for registration, as well as the cost of referrals.