transfer of their leaders to authoritarian methods manuals, strengthening of police powers, the stratification of society, strengthening the gap between rich and poor; 2011 – China has developed a unique method of treating AIDS in 2011 (or 2012) – Major accident in space technology, 2012 – regular tourist flights to the orbit of the Earth; 2012-2026 – mass production of people with paranormal abilities, 2013 (possibly 2011), stabilization of the heating core of the Sun at a level sufficient for the intensification of global warming on Earth in the next 500 years; UFO crash in the U.S. mass spiritual journey of people to other dimensions by owner (psychologists and psychics) 2013 – application nuclear weapons one of the countries in the local military conflict, complication of the political situation in Russia and the threat to its territorial integrity, the crisis in foreign policy, 2013-2017 – grassroots contacts with extraterrestrial earthlings reason for the energy-level association of the majority of CIS countries in the confederation, trade and economic conflict in Japan and China, 2014 – the world's population will be 7 billion, 2015 – beginning of year 532 AD the great floods (Global warming); electronic prosthetics (for radar and blind servomehanicheskie limb), creating the concept of using a fundamentally new source of cheap energy; 2015-2035 – Construction of stationary Database space stations on the moon; 2015-2025 – disposal of radioactive waste from Earth into space; 2017-2019 – Preparation of a manned flight to Mars, 2018 – The computer system of tax collection, the beginning of the widespread introduction of nanotechnology in industrial production; 2019 – major social upheaval in Ukraine, 2020-2030-epidemic of unknown disease, development of the first automated systems for road transport (the computer-controlled and "Avtoshoferom") removal from the orbit of the earth "debris" in preparation for the withdrawal of the orbital space industrial complexes for the transfer of solar energy to Earth to lighting and heating of the polar regions; 2020 Trade and Economic Conflict in Japan and the United States; detailed computer simulation of all possible options for the future of humanity, partly control the weather, the methods of treatment of mental illness and physio- chemotherapy, the production of synthetic proteins on an industrial scale, the creation of artificial implants, the use of robots for waste disposal, household hazardous and installation works; scientific proof of the existence of parallel worlds, 2020-2080 – a period of high solar activity, the inversion of geographic and magnetic poles (and possibly the Earth's axis), large volcanic eruptions, sea level rise, temperature anomalies associated with the intensification of the processes of global warming, flooding part of Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Finland, the Mediterranean countries and Asia, the earthquake Storms and floods in the U.S. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with incyte. . . Read additional details here: Essex Financial.