The new reward system for the primary school of Nuremberg, June 2011. Quiet, concentrated and relaxed work in the class for many primary school teachers remains unmatched in many hours of this goal. But with the new reward system also their students and pupils be high-flyers”. The system works with a simple and yet effective means: as a reward. The reward system Highflyers”contains timetables and Muggelsteine (Glasnugggets). Each child receives a plan that is attached to the table. The stones are distributed on the hours of the school day.

It is now for the students, the own treasure”to manage and lose a stone by disturbing or cribbing. Follow others, such as technology investor, and add to your knowledge base. The teacher can push stones on a warning box during the lesson or completely remove it. Who owns all stones at the end of the week, is a high Achiever”and gets a corresponding reward. If the rules of the reward system are internalized, it has enormous advantages in everyday school life. Because the instruction is interrupted constantly by exhortations.

and other students can work quite undisturbed. Concept: Iris Kowalewski is a primary school teacher and publisher of the basic schulstunden Publishing House. She has developed this reward system during your Clerkship period and matched to the requirements of the school. It is already widely tried and tested and proven. To the Illustrator Tamara Takac Tamara Takac, illustrated and writes for the basic schulstunden Publisher since 2004. “” “Iris Kowalewski and Tamara Takac already have read project to Edgar, the sheep and the monster” as well as the rewards sets Edgar, the sheep “and Edgar on dive” worked. The small sheep Edgar has even its own Facebook page. “High-flyer” reward system for primary schools with Edgar, the sheep set with 30 timetables and 50 Muggelsteinen, in the case of ISBN: 978-3-940253-40-8 cat. 01319 grades 1-4 price: 9.90 basic schulstunden Verlag (GSV) for more information on this and other articles at: acatalog/behavior Set_Edgar the Schaf.html press contact about this message: Woman Takac basic schulstunden Publisher Gsteinacher str. 19a 90592 Schwarzenbruck phone 08166-97575 85 fax 032-221739275 email: