E-mail or electronic mail is one of the most popular marketing models in recent years, and is made possible by this internet technology called web 2.0. Email is one of the most powerful tools to promote any business no matter the category, but when I say that it is powerful I mean that so how it can benefit you can also collapse you. Is why before generating any marketing campaign through the so-called autoresponder, your should know what techniques, strategies, trends, more effective mechanisms and psychology that your can get to apply, since without exaggerating one bit, I would say that this marketing system is almost as playing with fire requires wisdom and observation to not only be able to use it, but to succeed in the attempt. Assuming that you already have the basic understanding of how email marketing works, then you know that the purpose of this is to establish strong ties with your social networks. You can also automate This system with programs that you contain AutoReply and these landing pages are one of the most important step that you must take into account summarized in 10 tips. 1.

SPAM: The more obsolete systems of marketing than you can apply would be the send emails to numerous lists of emails to people who don’t know you or who have not subscribed to your newsletters or newsletters. Remember that majorities of the people are afraid of the electronic virus, this is why the percentage of people who would open an unknown email is almost nil. You and the last thing you want is that your name this associated with SPAM. 2. Opt. In: The most efficient mechanism of marketing via email is not only placed on your web site or landing page a box or opt. In box with a form to obtain personal information such as: name: Email: Tel: etc: but also offer important information, videos, tutorials, or any Exchange just to encourage your potential prospects to leave their personal data.