In the age of the Internal and mobile phones, there is almost no one who agrees without emails and SMS. Day to day, sending thousands of SMS, be it holiday greetings, love the simple evidence or the same interests. Quickly it can happen that the costs are overlooked and the number at the end of the gigantic bill does. To prevent this, there are services on the Internet that promise free or highly concessionary sending SMS. Usually, one must register for it with the name and email address. The supplier should be selected carefully. On one side it has, for example, 10 free text messages per month, buy the other one must be called Webcredits, and can exchange them for SMS.

The cost is then only a fraction of the SMS, which is sent away from your phone. But it is really worth to such website to register? There are advantages and disadvantages. Since the input is done via the keyboard is typing a message in a very short time. This is an advantage over the phone, as the lengthy Find the letters on the small keys deleted. Again, you can send SMS from your mobile phone from anywhere, you have to ensure no extra turn on the computer and to the Internet. Conclusion: This “Free SMS” services are very useful, especially the purse over. But should you ever be on the road, it is not blazing, because you need an Internet connection to send these text messages. In any case, one should compare different Free SMS provider and sign up if necessary for further information. But Free SMS service without signing a place to be recognized alternative dar.