There are many ways to promote your site. Consider the order of the most effective ways of advertising for online shops with a ratio price quality. Contextual advertising is the fastest and surest way get instant feedback from the advertising company. Advertisements run in the coming days to first page of major search engines –, Rambler, Google. Advantages of this type of advertising is that you attract the target audience, and can choose to show their ads over time and regions, the so-called geographic and temporal targeting. Optimizing your website is also one of the surest ways of attracting the target audience.

In contrast to the above described method – content, takes time to issue the search engines from two to four months, depending on the weight of requests, ie the semantic core. Viral marketing is transmission of information by word of mouth. To do this on any page or via the receipt of a letter by mail is an intensive discussion and exchange of interested in the information or services. For that purpose use such sites such as: discussion forums, blogs, bulletin boards, etc.