The reasons for its imposition may be: – a rapid growth reference weight, especially if those references are from 'junk' resources – unmoderated directories, guest books, comments in blogs, forums, etc. So do not actively use the system of automatic registration site in such services. – Presence on the 'referential garbage dumps' – large, poorly moderated directory of links blocks of advertising links on the pages of articles published specifically for the advertising. – Use in the promotion of cloaking. Cloaking – giving users different content and search engine robots. Visitors are shown read informative materials, robotics – optimized pages to increase search engine positions. – Use a redirect with javascript.

You should only use server redirects (301, 302). Certainly not any javascript that leads to the filter, as many believe. Get rid of the filter can get rid of the above methods of promoting and using them in the future. Deleting reference garbage and cleaned the referential mass you remove the filter from the site. 3.

Google Bombing. Stopping the growth of positions on a particular keyword. The reason – the fastest growing links with the same anchor. The expediency of his dubious enough, particularly with regards to non-profit requests. Remove it possible, for example, diluting a lot of referential anchors with surrounding text, and indeed strengthen its trust links. The reason for the introduction of the filter was actually 'guglbombing' – bulk purchase options (Often by many people) with a single text for a particular site and then to push him through some absurd request.