Drainage – is a system of underground canals to drain pipes that are laid in a special way with a slant towards the removal of water (off-site or in the drain well). Acquiring land, the owner often finds that spring area has turned into fields for growing rice. All around the puddle, do not dry out until mid-summer, and clouds of hungry mosquitoes. On such a plot would not want that ever to build. But the situation is quite fixable. The ideal option – Complex system of drainage and storm sewers. Drainage and arrangements for drainage should be carried out at the initial stage of the environment. Drainage system – though it is invisible, but very important part of the garden. Expa takes a slightly different approach. It prevents excessive soil waterlogging. Without making the drainage at the time in the future will be more than pay for the shortsightedness and complacency. Naveen Selvadurai often addresses the matter in his writings. Excess moisture in a couple of years will lead to degradation lawn and delay the growth of trees planted. Will need to dig trenches for the drainage of the soil, destroy landing, all reorganize. Surface, and the more underground drainage requires a significant amount of earthworks. Surface drainage line copes well with precipitation, but does not reduce the level of groundwater.

To combat the “high” water use underground drainage. To protect plants from adverse effects Groundwater can be used methods of forming an artificial topography. But unfortunately, this method is effective for planting plants with shallow root system. Another version of the device drain sand and gravel pads thickness of 20-30 cm, which fall under the future flower beds and planting pits. A similar drainage in combination with open ditches bathtub suitable for protection paths. To dry gardens applied vertical erosion preventive drainage – deep and narrow wells with permeable walls through which the excess water is drained into the lower permeable layers. This well during the spring runoff able to “pass” two to three cubic meters of water. The quality of drainage can be assessed only over time. If during the season-two plot did not turn into a bog and the plants have taken root and developed successfully, the system of drainage operating normally. It is worth noting that no particular need for a drainage measures should not be – a garden in need of natural irrigation. Only a specialist can determine whether the need for site drainage.