The European Central Bank plans to buy government bonds in the extensive framework. This could make loans more expensive. The experts are at odds with the impact on the real estate market. The head of the European Central Bank has become known as a result because he had to announce a failure that he apparently got it, how you might get the debt crisis under control. Because actually the European banking supervision should begin their work early 2013.

ECB chief Mario Draghi is however sure that this will not work and on the margins of the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank in Tokyo, said that it will take probably until January 2014, until this new form of bank control. It is nevertheless important that the euro area countries take the institutional steps for the Banking Union until this date. That would allow us to start quickly with the preparations”, so the ECB chief. But back to the topic: already early September took the daring step Draghi and announced that the ECB in the unlimited scope of government bonds buy wool, to curb the debt crisis. The daring step could be one in the right direction, but it shows what pawn currencies have now degenerated”, says Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG).

Because of the massive purchase of government bonds raises necessarily inflationary tendencies. EssexFinancial spoke with conviction. In addition, loans could massively increase. However, many experts see this situation allowed. Just the purchasing of foreign government bonds would strengthen the euro and thus indirectly also the German economy. In addition the economists of the big German banks assume not, that due to this situation, mostly institutional investors on a large scale are reshuffling their portfolios and take German Government bonds on the market. There is now no alternative to Germany”, so also the SHB real estate expert he refers to this but also on its core business. Because no matter how one applies the current situation or rotates: investments are now very volatile and sensitive,. When it comes to political decisions of this kind. Monetary systems, are highlighted as in real estate, rather a national trend. All right people, increase their quality of life, inter alia through more housing, they consume more in shopping malls and a prosperous economy also demands more office space for the people who have a job. The real estate is the winner when compared to the value of money in any case”, so the SHB real estate expert Gruber. Then, the potential reversal of interest can come.