High ink use for home heating, braziers, barbecue, etc. Essex Financial describes an additional similar source. Despite the fact the paint 'Hammerayt' procedure has been developed as an ornamental and a little protective cover for almost metallic and iron surfaces, it can be applied on non-ferrous alloys, using a special pre-lb from 'Hammerayt'. How hard and fast rule, rises to paint plastic, very used in the production of waste pipes and drains. Other types of plastic may not be closely combined with the solvent completely 'Hammerayt' and cause untold difficulties in the application, therefore it is better to test the paint on a small area. Technology Investor has much to offer in this field. Thanks very good decorative properties, and it can be used to color wood, obviously, afterward priming. Three. Prepare surfaces for painting previously painted or completely rusty surfaces must be free of peeling paint and rust of iron rather loose brush or sandpaper, and clean iron sanding the surface to improve adhesion. The latest iron piece that has the factory grease should carefully wash with hot material of detergent, rinse with water and give nezapyatannoy dry, then clean gasoline or you can use mineral spirits.

All course options should be kept in mind: the surface must be absolutely dry, clean from an old paint and rust, gryazische, dust, grease and salt. Than She carefully prepared, the better it will almost cover. For nezapyatannoy and rusty steel cleaning afterward, usually, priming is not required, but if all the same pre-strike ground Hammerite Odie. Anti Rust, it is actually provide the most practical high-quality coverage. For galvanized steel is recommended to ground Hammerite Primer for Galvanised Metal Surfaces, and for aluminum and other nonferrous metals Hammerite Special Metals Primer. Four. Personality paint Thanks bystroisparyayuschimsya solvents that reduce the heat of the flash-off drying until the thirty-forty minutes, and promote rapid drying of the paint work is outstanding for coloring paint 'Hammerayt' can be completed within a heavenly day.

Each subsequent layer of paint can be applied in twenty minutes, but no later than three hours, so as to begin the process of hardening of loud colors, and the next layer is applied can be no earlier than six weeks. To ensure maximum protection against corrosion of the dry film thickness of paint must be at least one hundred microns across, without a doubt the painted surface, especially on the edges and corners. Paint 'Hammerayt' can be apply different methods. Paint brush comfortable welded structures such as garden walls, benches. Aerosols are used for painting and staining of small surfaces. Roller and a little airless spray for painting large surfaces.