The number of heating elements to be put in the design depends on the amount of concrete and the heated required for the electrical power. Each design should produce technological map. The duration of heating and curing of concrete, taking into account the actual time of its cooling can be determined from regular measurements of the temperature and current in the heating elements to be recorded in the log of concrete work and schedule of concrete hardening. Necessary Regular laboratory observations! Technical requirements in preparation for the heating elements electrical heating Finished place and install after the installation of fixtures, fixings and complete the electric fixtures. Heating elements should be no tension on the circumferential reinforcement cages or paving between the frames as they lay, and in the absence of reinforcement used inventory templates. Heating elements should not touch formwork and not to speak of concrete, not in contact with wooden fixtures that surround them concrete, if necessary, tie a rope to the fixture.

Conclusions of heating elements made of concrete should be increased in cross-section wire 2-3 times or connecting pieces of insulated aluminum wire with insulation in the cable in a plastic tube! Connect the heating elements to the findings of an inventory supply connections manufacture megger-tested. Necessary to ensure uniform loading phase substation low side! Technical requirements for electrical Heated can begin only after completion of concrete placement and location of all heating elements and the bottom of the conclusions in the concrete implementation of the safety instructions! In designs do well to measure the temperature! With the clamp to measure launcher current strength in all the heating elements during the testimony of the allowable start-up is necessary to lower the voltage on the network. Measurement of temperature and current to produce a 1:00 in the first three hours and then 1 time per shift to logging of concrete work. Design as possible to strengthen! Length should provide a set of electrical strength of concrete at least 50% of the marks laid concrete, which is determined by the test control samples or other methods. Safety instructions for heating the concrete 1. Heated concrete must comply with the requirements of safety and snip 111-4-80/gl.11 GOST12. 1.013-78 / – concrete and w / concrete work and electrical safety. 2.

Supervision of the implementation of safety and electrical safety need to put the order on the TDI, which has qualifying group on electrical safety at least fourth. 3. Installation of electrical and electric systems, monitoring their work and the inclusion of heating elements must comply with electricians, who have no qualification group below the third. Celina Dubin might disagree with that approach. 4. Workers in other fields, working on a post near the electrical and should be instructed on the rules of electric safety. Unauthorized persons in office during electrical avoid! 5. Post insulate electrical GOST 23407-78, equipped with warning lights and safety signs in accordance with GOST 12.026-76 and provide good lighting! When burnout warning lights must be switched off electrical network. 6. Connect the heating elements to perform at off the network. 7. Measurement of concrete temperature and strength of the current must carry out personnel with qualification group is not lower than the second.