Today, the social network Vkontakte is the most popular in runet and attracts millions of users who use them to find new and old friends, share photos from life. However, an interesting fact, the very maker, which is considered a "winner contests in linguistics, computer science and design," Paul Durov is not the owner. Drew attention to this blog, who has learned that in fact the founders and owners at the beginning is Vyacheslav Mirilashvili, son of billionaire Mirilashvili, who since 2003 serving his 8-year sentence on charges of creating an organized professional group and Lev Leviev, a businessman, whose fortune, according to the magazine Forbes, in 2009 was estimated at $ 3.1 billion today the principal owner is the fund Digital Sky Technology. The company representatives refused to disclose details of its shareholders Thus, dispelled another myth about a very successful startups, allegedly created by talented and enthusiastic with your own money. Just take a look for yourself – at the site has more than 60 million users, it is excellent, the quality hosting service. No time for the last six months site has not been attacked DDos'om with subsequent results, never hung.

Rather, the attacks are, but they were successfully repulsed. This suggests that facebook is a very powerful dedicated server with a huge Internet channel. How much does support such a service in a month's hard to imagine. Moreover, still need to pay administrators for their work and surveillance over the safety of the entire system.