German newspaper Europa-Express wrote that the bulk of "hacks" credit card accounts for those who charge through them. And not always for malicious intent. The reason is imperfect safety standards and methods of use data read from the credit card in the computer trade companies and support services. As found one of the largest issuers of credit cards company SRC, two-thirds of firms accepting credit card payments properly treated with them. Here and there passwords to credit cards over the years are stored in computer databases without protection against unauthorized access. In other firms, network protocols and software are not updated for years.

But this is like combination with a coded lock: The longer it does not change, the more likely that intruders will decode it. Is among the vendors and scatterbrain who are handling credit card data on vulnerable servers that are function open chats. Suggestions for strengthening security measures, many companies are left without attention, arguing that the "Database can not be upgraded because they are in constant use," or "Up until now, We did not happen. " Sometimes business leaders even insist on the transparency of such bases: Data should always be in front of my eyes. " In one of the firms access to customers' payment transactions is open not only for more than 600 staff (including support staff), but also for visitors. After the first check SRC sent a "lighted" the companies requirements and after some time had a secondary inspection. One-third make a slip firms so nothing has taken to remedy the situation. In the SRC believes that the owners of these companies cut down the branch on which sit: by law, if the credit card was "compromised" because of or due to negligence of the seller, he is obliged to reimburse the owner of the stolen credit amount. Since the theft of credit cards in the millions of euro, such payment may well destroy some of the sellers.