The Potsdam IfG.CC e-Government competence center opens Office in North Rhine-Westphalia the e-Government competence center IfG.CC headquartered in Potsdam has opened an Office in Bochum, Germany on June 27, 2008. Thus the municipalities and the land of North Rhine-Westphalia can be supported even better on-site in implementing their e-government projects with scientific expertise. For more than two years, the IfG.CC is involved in the development of new municipal administration models in North Rhine-Westphalia. Concrete goal is to transfer the results of research on networked management in practice. By the local close to the IfG.CC may enter now more effectively on the needs of the participating communities of the model. Management networked in the model project mainly concerns the establishment of shared service centers or local service centres. These facilities represent a novelty in the German municipal administration landscape.

This enables management services or services for several municipalities in partially separate centers for the first time, in Germany horizontally to bundle and deploy efficiently and effectively from a single location. In the realization of the network management and to support the transfer of methods and approaches used, which were developed at the IfG.CC. The IfG.CC is an internationally oriented research Institute in the capital region, specializing in all questions of the use of ICT in Government and society. There are issues such as new organizational models and use of ICT in developing countries and selected questions in the area of security and critical infrastructure or health. This, in particular new organizational approaches will be researched and developed. This international development in terms of transferability is permanently evaluated.