If you need to increase the number of regular visitors, to have more orders for ads on your site so your site has been among the first to issue Yandex and Google for your chosen keywords, you will need to on the website there is enough unique information interesting people. And yet, the presence of your unique information will improve placement in search engines and will help increase the performance tic and pr. But besides the unique content on the site to increase your search engine rankings you need a lot of links to other resources on the Web site. Take into account that it is desirable that links were themed and looked natural. Because these links better only take into account the search engines. But where these links take? Today, the most relevant and most effective recognized the improved positioning of a web resource by posting articles the desired subject, with links to a web site on the key words or phrases. And the more the number of such articles, the better the result.

You can manually write these articles, or order them to write a professional copywriter. You can hire the copyright (Write unique text especially for you), or somewhere in the two times cheaper than rewriting services will cost you. Rewriting Avili rewriting – it is when you use an article on your web site and copies the contents of this Articles in other words, any order this service professionals, putting in the text link to your site for its key phrase. While here you may have another problem. If you write one article and add it to Many article directories the search engines can "glue" all your links and count them as one. How can that be? You may have several options, or rewrite your article for each new directory over and over again, or write to Each new article directory, or write one article, choosing a few synonyms for words or phrases in the text and then multiply this template.

Make one article 20-30 different unique texts. Then you need to will add these items to free article directories, or pay. There are options for low-cost pay-posting articles to various websites. To improve its position in search engines, preferably placed on the article sites and article directories that have non-zero rates tic and pr. Thus, the uniqueness of the articles and content on the site – a very important parameter, which will help you promote a web resource on the first page of Google and Yandese.