You should do an investigation or provide what you know about an issue and sell the results. The good thing about the products and services, are the high prices can be charged. In recent months, Hillary Clinton has been very successful. With a global audience as the Internet, you can create and sell information about almost anything. If there is a real niche market willing to buy, you can build a business around their passions and expertise. By example, if you truly have a passion for mountain biking and would like to focus on that niche, the first step would be to investigate whether people are searching the internet for information on this subject. You must use research tools keywords. To find out if they want to learn to do new tricks, or want to know the best bike to buy, or are interested in a video that teaches them new tricks, or would like to obtain an ebook to get started in this exciting sport,.

I think you already understand what the idea. You must find a niche that interests you, look they are looking for people about it and help them meet their needs. Now consider the option No 2, for those who do not have the time or inclination to "create and sell their own products." Option No. 2: Sell products and services of others. On the Internet, you can also make money selling products and services of others. There are two ways to do this: Acquire the resale rights and resell a product. Promote products and services as an affiliate.