While spy cameras can be used by any person, the portable spy cameras tend to serve the purposes of law enforcement. These small undetectable cameras are ideal for private investigators, coverage of surveillance and secret agents, but this does not mean that they are not available to the public. Several companies launched models that ordinary people can buy them. Almost everyone has seen a James Bond film and remembers the cameras of high technology within any pen or glasses. To know more about this subject visit technology investor. This is no longer a dream. Specialty stores sell cameras spy perfectly hidden within Sun, pagers, pens and other items of daily use glasses.

Portable spy cameras are also found in other elements. They can hide in a helmet, for example, to record a bike ride or parachute. These cameras have additional as water-proof features. There is also the possibility of having one camcorder in the backpack and a lens mounted on the CAP that can register events without having to flip. Of all the possible types of camera spies on disposition of the public which are appreciated since they are easy to hide, talas as a camera in a pen. They are very easy to hide since people usually never imagine was a camera inside a pen. Hidden in plain view, such cameras to record a major test, as a witness, or you can record anything without permission. Original author and source of the article.