Each delivery on public roads is obliged by law to the winter service. In a few weeks, here we go: the streets are white, the car must first free be scraped, towards the work lasts sometimes twice as long and especially it means getting up earlier to shoveling snow in front of the door, on the land and on the sidewalk outside the property. For residents of public roads (commercial, private property owners and tenants) is a legal traffic duty, which can be punished if not observed with substantial fines. And the whole thing of course even after the current winter service relating to the statutory broaching litter duty, issued almost annually for the snow removal in Berlin and Brandenburg. Residents debtor to winter road maintenance can Commission private agreements with the implementation of the winter service third parties. The Nagai Services GmbH takes over the snow removal and the removal of smoothness in Berlin – Heiligensee, Berlin Hermsdorf, Berlin – Frohnau, Berlin – Lubars and Glienicke / Nordbahn.

The limited field of application enables a fast response time in the snow clearing due to the short distances, so that the statutory requirements are met and a satisfaction of the contract giver is guaranteed. The rooms are with winter service vehicles, with large machines or by hand. The Nagai Services GmbH eliminates ice and snow on sidewalks, entrances, waste squares, parking, hydrants, bus stops, commercial or other surfaces and cares for the winter at the disposal of the Streugutes. On the homepage you will find much information around the theme of winter road maintenance and snow removal as well as the current statutes. Interested parties can see by using the reliability of winter service service of the Nagai Services GmbH and the variety of services offered a video at YouTube about. Grit and split is used for spreading.

After the Berlin nature conservation Act has prohibited, De-icing agents employed by (not just due!) to work, because these salts damage trees and plants, animals, soil, ground water and damage to houses and vehicles. The Nagai Services GmbH salts only in exceptional cases, for which consent is granted. This year, the Nagai Services GmbH offers a discount promotion for neighbors. Until November 31, 2013, all parties can save up to 25%! To get more information about the neighbourhood recommendation on:. Thanks to the competence and experience obtained immediately required information at the Nagai Services GmbH and of course a free and fast quote.