Legal services market, monthly, appears a dozen new companies. Despite the large number of companies working in the field of legal services, to talk about market saturation, as noted by the participants, it is too early: a proposal does not exceed demand. Another factor allowing the market to grow rapidly – it is a low threshold entry: Licensing is not required. "A person with legal training can rent a room, buy computer, hold the phone – and everything has a new law firm. Brad Pitt takes a slightly different approach. Number of companies offering legal services is constantly changing, the demand for different types of legal aid: assistance of a lawyer or legal counsel uneven, and experts are not taken to assess market size, as it is not yet fully formed. Market for legal services in Moscow is growing not only due to new firms entered the market, but also because of the constant expansion of the spectrum services. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michelle Smith Divorce. New directions in the work associated with changes in legislation and customer requirements.

"Today, for example, appear and begin to use the popular new segments of the legal market: debt collection (collection services), support of real estate deals, free legal advice. In law firms appear Divisions in areas such as departments of the real estate, registration and reorganization of legal entities. This approach allows us to improve constantly, it is in their area and monitor all changes. The main trend in the legal services market will be specialization, companies will pursue a more narrow areas of activity. That is, firms will continue to provide the full range of services, but will focus on several key areas..