The application of the linear packaging is used primarily for containers that do not require accessories or change parts of them. This type of packaging is used mainly for moderate production which operate automatically and are ergonomically optimized in order make one reliable and efficient process. There are different technologies depending on the characteristics of products and its very nature. If the product is low or high viscosity liquid, if are pastes, solid products, milled or granulated. Other features can be level, volume, or weight.

Each different linear packaging technology in the process seeks to implement the method in the most effective way to optimize the process. The advantage that the linear packaging is that you don’t need to make breaks to add accessories to containers so the only way in which stops the process is to fill the containers to be used. The linear packaging consists of the possibility of production at moderate speed and can make your packaging a simple, optimal and efficient process. If what you are looking for is a packaging in series in which does not require more work of the packaging itself then the linear packaging is the best option. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.