Apple's products highly valued professionals in many fields. Each model of Apple is a masterpiece that combines style and subtlety of design solutions and powerful innovative technology. Was no exception Apple iPod Shuffle, which in its own way is unique and not without highlights. Maximally simplified device did not equip the shield. But even this slight disadvantage producers have turned into an advantage. The word "shuffle" in the title model implies a random playback order of tracks. This is the kind of uniqueness and novelty of the player. Listening to music, you do not know how to play the next song, because recorded on the composition of each player once played back in random order.

But just in case someone is not happy with such a function, then the random playback order of tracks can be turned off and will follow one after the other. Release the player without a screen, EQ, tuner, which focuses only on the music – a risky innovation. But buyers quickly recognized the benefits of this player. Many just want to listen to music without bothering choice of songs or any other interaction with the player, except for the switching of tracks and adjust volume. Housing player is made of white plastic and silver metal alloy, which is absolutely not visible fingerprints and dust is almost unnoticeable. Silver and white – the perfect combination for a stylish model, but apart from the silver still available pink, green, blue and orange body. Of saturated bright colors, everyone can pick out the most suitable, perfectly reflecting the mood of your player.